Father's Day . . .

By default - once a holiday has cards FROM the dogs, it has gone TO the dogs.
Sooooo, Sunday was Father's Day (if I am telling you this for the first time . . . come ON). I hate Father's Day. NOT because I hate my father (quite the opposite) or because I have a horrible relationship with my daughter (quite the opposite) nor because I am a curmudgeon in general (which I am).

I hate Father's Day for much more of-the-world reasons than my own selfish brain. I hate it because it is a fake holiday, invented by those who would seek to profit from it,. There is NO reason to set ONE day aside (annually) for a father, a mother, a grandparent, a Valentine, or any other person you (w/c/sh)ould love every day of the year to get a card, gift, or phone call from you expressing love. They should get dozens if not hundreds of reminders every year - free of a day on the calendar that dictates it. And yet, here we are, with aisles of stores set aside and gift cards purchased, etc.

I guess part of me hates the holiday because it is "exclusive" in a way. What if you don't have children. What if you don't know or like your father? What if you're unable to have children or to like your father? What if you are a person that doesn't know their father and can't have children? What if you're . . . you see what I'm saying. The previous, I'd like to point out, also goes for Mother's Day/mothers/children.

I am fine with holidays and celebrations. I'm pro telling your parents and children you all love each other. I'm pro, in a "perspective is important" way, being awkward about these days because they stir things in  you. I'm pro all of that but we shouldn't have to put on day on the calendar each year to force us. We should want to do these things. Daily.