The Jelly Packet Rule . . .

There is a very funny, very cranky man out there on the "left coast" named Adam Carolla. I first became a fan of Carolla in the late-90's when he was the co-host (with Dr. Drew Pinsky) of the late-evening radio show called "Love Line". I liked his no-nonsense approach. In the sixteen-or-so-years-since, he's changed a lot (and stayed the same even more) and while I don't agree with everything he says and does his let's just cut the crap approach to life continues to impress me.

Here's the point . . . Adam Carolla has a handful of on-going rants where he criticizes the system and the status quo of the system and my favorite example of his blatantly-obvious-yet-unseen nature is Jelly Packets.

You know those things that sit in stacks or baskets on diner tables and near the toasters in bagel shops and so on? He has this theory that there is REALLY only a need for grape and strawberry. He argues, probably correctly, that the ONLY reason "mixed berry" or "apple" or "orange marmalade" are consumed is because the grape and strawberry run out.

Sure, sure - people "like" those other jellies/jams/preserves but they really just want the basics and the tried-and-true. The rest are only consumed because the people that run the restaurants get the bulk packs that come in varieties of predetermined ratio and they are too stubborn and cheap to replenish before it is all gone. But what if the geniuses at Smucker's just sold the grape and strawberry? Would they make more money? Less? Sell faster? Slower?

And would consumers really care? Probably not. Do you care that they only offer white, wheat, or X toast vs. olive oil, garlic, and parmesan sourdough? Do you care that Thomas' English Muffins are on the menu but Thomas' Corn Toast R Cakes are not? Are you in any way bothered that they have Rasin Bran and Corn Flakes but not C-3PO's.

No. You don't. Because you understand that life is not about  having every possible option and every possible opportunity. Life is about having what you need available at all times and the ability to go find and get what you want when you choose to apply the time, effort, and energy.