Shoe Search . . .

It is (already) that time again . . . time for a new pair of running shoes. The "average" runner can put as many as 500 miles on a pair of kicks but I'm only good for about 300 - 350 (I've got over 280 on my current pair) miles before I have to replace. I've talked about my shoes too much lately BUT I am at this weird crossroads where I can't figure out what to buy.

My limited mandates for my shoes is that they can't be Asics (my first pair of running shoes were Asics and the guy who did my "fitting" was clearly not paying attention because they were horrible for me) and they can't be Nike (I don't like the day-glo, knit bologna and I've never read anything good about Nike shoes on fat men's feet), they have to be good for stability/stride correction, they have to be cushiony enough to support 4-mile (average) daily runs with some runs up to, well, 13.1 miles, and they have to be somewhat universal in terms of clothes you can wear with them (No, I don't want to "match" my running outfits but some basic color harmony is how I am wired - see my obsession with neutrals and basic colors in daily life).

Here are the finalists I have "narrowed" it down too.


My current shoe just in, well, a different color scheme. I don't even LIKE my current shoes (I miss my beloved Trance (Brooks "replaced" the Trance with the Transcend) so everything else is just compare/contrast. They served me well. Still injury free. They are also on clearance for like $80. This is a STEAL in the world of running shoes.


The second edition to the Transcend. The reviews on line show many improvements in people's pleasure with the shoe but they are still just a knock-off of the Trance and, well, they are f*cking RED.  Of all the colors in Roy G. Biv's name I hate red the most. By a mile. And I have to log 300 miles in shoes. Life is too short to hate your running shoe but, well, creature of habit so Brooks is the way to go. I think (more on that later).


Many Brooks loyalists believe these are the Trance's real spirit animal. They've been around as long as (longer, technically) but they, like all shoe models, have evolved. These supposedly have great support and stability but when I tried a pair on in February - I was underwhelmed at the implied "safety" of them (I roll my ankles constantly so I need good guide rails/stability).


My "other" sneakers (trainers, etc.) have been NB for years and years and I love them. These shoes get good praise for stability and do fairly well for cushioning concerns but get mixed reviews for longevity.

NEW BALANCE 1260v4 (Option A)

The premiere NB for cushioning and stability (save the foam-soled b.s. they are pushing right now) these shoes are likely going to be the ones that move ALL my athletic footwear over to the New Balance family.

NEW BALANCE 1260v4 (Option B)

The same thing as above (with all their pros and cons) but these are a little more "flashy" in color scheme (those soles look like actual flames) and I'm not sure I can pull off flame soles while running so slowly (No - that is NOT irony.).

Well? Thoughts, comments, suggestions? I only have a few more weeks to figure this out and while I can/do get up at 4:45 AM (I've been lazy these last few weeks but I'm back at it now) and give an hour, or two, or THREE each day to running I can't seem to "find" the time to "run" (get it?) to the running store to try on any of these shoes or even get opinions beyond a few running-related web sites. Clock is ticking. One more thing . . . Special Lady Friend is buying me this pair so don't let price be an issue (evil, evil laugh).