Loathe List . . .

It has been a good, long while (or at least a few months) since I last posted a "loathe" list. You know loathing, right? You might even feel it. It is that emotion that creeps up inside you and - while often confused for "hate" - is really about the inability to just ignore something or go "whole hog" with it enough to hate (which is a waste of emotion and energy, for the record.

I loathe LOTS of things - I used to loathe people but that, like hate, is a waste of time and energy. I can't help it. It is not that I'm not deeply loathe-worthy in my thoughts, deeds, words, and actions. It is not that I can't understand why the world is full of diverse people with their own wants/needs/etc. Nope - it is simply because I can't NOT loathe stuff. 

Here, without context, are some of the things weighing on my loathsome mind as we "speak"?
  1. That feeling when you are not sure if you are getting sick or not and you are not sure if you want to get sick or not or how quickly you do (or not) want to get sick and how long you do (or don't) want to stay sick.
  2. Vegetables. Other than fried potatoes, corn, and fried corn.
  3. That songs I remember, very well, from my own lifetime are now considered "Classic Rock".
  4. Classic Rock.
  5. When you tell a runner you aren't really a runner and don't buy in to the whole "runner culture" and they still go on to ask you about your "training" (running) schedule or your "nutrition" (eating) or "hydration" (drinking) or get in to gear and PRs and blah, blah, blah.
  6. Jewelry shopping. So many options. So few obvious choices. So much pressure.
  7. The term "deflategate". And that it takes up mental bandwidth for people. Or any one person, for that matter.
  8. People who don't see the BEAUTY in milk with ice cubes in it.
  9. That people don't know the difference between cleavage and decolletage.
  10. Running shoe shopping. So many options. So few obvious choices. So expensive.
  11. That, even more than a third of a way through 2015, cops still kill people during otherwise-routine interactions. Often with race an obvious or presumed factor. 
  12. My somewhat-frequent confusion of sukkot and shavu'ot. To your point - they are NOTHING alike other that first letter. Judaism is hard, yo.
  13. That McDonald's is seen as junk food but Panera is perceived as healthy food despite similar caloric (and other nutritional indicator) counts.
  14. When the toothpaste tube is low but not quite empty and you can't tell when to jump ship to the new tube and when to keep squeezing.
  15. The cliche "that orange ain't worth the squeeze".
  16. That acrylic, polyester, and man-made fabrics are on the rise in American "fashion".
  17. Chafing. 
  18. That I have been out of college longer than the incoming class at my alma mater has been alive.
  19. Domestic abuse.
  20. That "Susan G. Komen" is so blatantly NOT committed to research or curing cancer that they not only dropped the "Foundation" from their name but even the "For the Cure" (which was the name they went to when they stopped being a "Foundation") yet people just keep giving them more and more money for them to market themselves so they can make more money. 
I'll stop at twenty - otherwise I will go to 1,000.