The Whole Fetus . . .

The Gov. felt SO good about this signing he didn't invite the press and he
held it at Cedar Crest surrounding by five people mopey enough to want to
have their faces tied to this farce and two oversized photos of two will-be
people who could care less about these six in the middle protecting them.
I try (really, I do) to not get too political on this blog. I mean I am open about my politics and positions on politics and social issues but I try not to drive you all away with my soapbox crap but today, right here in the GREAT state of Kansas our Governor (perhaps worried that Indiana was stealing his thunder as the most conservative and reality-obtuse state in the Union) signed a ban that makes my head spin.

For the unaware: Kansas, today, became the first state in the country to enact a ban (effective July 1, 2015) on fetal "dismemberment" in the second trimester (specifically 21.6 weeks or after) of pregnancy. WHY does this ban make my head spin?

Because Kansas . . . for as much as the National Right to Life Committee, who wrote the bill and have lobbied to get it considered/activated (I don't know the word) in a handful of states (oh, yes, don't fool yourself into thinking our fair Governor or the legislature he (and his backers) use as so many puppets actually cared enough about this issue to write the language on this) wants you to believe this is a MAJOR move toward protecting the sanctity of life (which is offensive to those, like me, who favor a woman's right to choose a safe, medical-professional-administered, abortion in many (but not all, admittedly) situations) this is a fraud of a law.

WHY (I keep indignantly shouting it but never answer it)? Because Kansas, my fellow Sunflower Staters, already bans "most" abortions after 22 weeks. And there is nothing in this move that changes the criteria for pregnancies considered "most" or "exceptions" to the law.

What the measure DOES do is restricts how the abortion can be administered (I am not good with the words on this one, forgive me) by restricting the ability of a doctor - who is a trained, licensed, medical professional by the nature of the term "doctor" - to in any way "alter the fetus". Why does that matter? Simple . . . as graphic and unsettling as it may be a fetus at 21.4 or 21.5 weeks might be too big to be removed in tact. So a woman who has made a horribly difficult decision now has to risk additional physical harm and trauma or go forward with the pregnancy.

Now I know, I know - abortion is murder. So many abortion fearers with their photos and Sharpie-drawn protest signs about what Jesus wants, etc. have tried/failed (at least on me) to make that point a million times. And there was a woman in the grocery market talking about how "If anyone saw the torture that little baby (fetus) goes through they would be against abortion, too." The irony (in the mis-informed American sense of the word) being that she was waiting for her steaks at the butcher counter. Yep. The woman who was about to take home meat prepared in what is essentially a death factory where fire-strength hoses wash down the blood at the end of every shift and actual chain saws help speed production, is sure that if anyone "knew" what went on they would change their mind. Enjoy your steak, dummie.

So, yeah, we're real trail-blazers here in Kansas. We've got MOUNTAINS of real trouble (budget, schools, infrastructure, warming planet, etc. etc. etc.) but our Governor and his minions under the dome can and WILL drop everything to trim nine days from the window a woman can make her own decisions and, in trimming the window, protect a life, or two (for the record just 9% of abortions here take place in the second trimester) - until it escapes the womb "whole" . . . THEN it is on its own (unless it is born filthy rich).

Good job, Governor Brownback. We're super proud of you today.