Places I Want to Go . . .

I like traveling. Sorta. I actually have a lot of anxiety about, you know, not sleeping in my own bed and not following my normal schedule, and having to either pack everything I own or being without everything I own so the traveling is fine . . . the not being "here" is the issue.

I digress . . . what was I saying - oh - yeah - I want to go places. I'm GOING to go places. Here is a list of ten places I put on my 18-month "to see" list (with indication of when I intend to see them).

Mile End Deli - Brooklyn and/or Manhattan, New York

A non-Kosher Jewish deli modeled after Montreal delis but in New York City (first Brooklyn, then Manhattan). Sounds great, right? RIGHT. And that is why I shall eat there when I visit friends in New York in June.

Wrigley Field - Chicago, Illinois

As much as I hate sports, I love icons of sport. I like the old stuff and the legends and, frankly, I've been to a LOT of baseball games and parks. Both Yankee Stadiums. Both Sheas (or Citi - whatever). Both Vets (or whatever they call the new one in Philly), Camden Yard, RFK, Fenway (several times), etc. Yet Wrigley eludes me. I want to go this season. Maybe.

Prairie Lights Bookstore - Iowa City, Iowa

I love bookstores - especially independent ones (see my love affair with Watermark here in Wichita). Libraries are great but they smell like old people and you can covet and gain things but you have to give them back . . . from a book store the things you fall in love with are yours forever. This place is said to be one of the great independent bookstores. So great OBAMA has been there. I'm going to go in July when Special Lady Friend and I go see The Weepies.

Chihuly Garden and Glass - Seattle, Washington

I love glass art so, so much. I love Chiuly so, so much. I love gardens - eh - a little bit. I want to go to Seattle to visit my friend Walker and his son JW and I want to see Chihuly. Let's make a plan for this time in 2016.

Thorncrown Chapel - Eureka Springs, Arkansas

I have recently picked up two more/new obsessions - one is archery, the other is architecture SPECIFICALLY sanctuary/religious architecture. This place, which I first remember hearing about via social media years ago, looks amazing. A wee modern for my taste but it seems to have just enough old and rustic around it to keep it simple. Keep it faithful. I think we'll do a weekend trip this fall - the leaves are probably beautiful.

Yosemite National Park - Yosemite Village, California

I have this grand fantasy that the National Parks are something every American should do yet I've only been to the one we call "The National Mall" in Washington, DC (I think Gettysburg might be one too, technically). We Americans need to go to more parks, more often. I'm taking the kid and SLF (if she wants to go) for a vacation in the next year. We're doing to go to Yosemite. Seems like a good choice, right?

Bocce Courts at Francis Ford Coppola Winery - Geyserville, California

I love bocce. I love the Coppolas (I've actually met a handful of them - long story). I love Coppola wine (or did, once upon a time . . . I've lost the taste for adult grape juice but, at one point, Sophie Blanc de Blancs was my favorite thing in a flute). I think combining them all together would be wonderful. I am hoping we can go for a trip in the late-Spring of 2016.

Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse - Boulder, Colorado

I love tea and I love experiences. I'm told this is the one GREAT tea experience in these United States - and Boulder also has the greatest kite store ever (where I have been - Into the Wind). I can't wait to check both out this winter (presuming we can find a snow-free window to make the trip).

Nicholas Joseph Custom Tailors - Chicago, Illinois

Know what's fancy? Bespoke suits. Know what's stupid expensive? Bespoke suits. Know what I really, really want to own? A (singular) bespoke suit. I would like to go and have the experience sometime early next year - IF I hit my weight loss goals. I figure if I spend a moderate fortune on some clothes it might motivate me to keep the weight lower than the price tag.

Tulip Time - Holland, Michigan

Nope. This is NOT Holland (the country). It is HOLLAND (the Michigan town). We're going to check out America's largest tulip festival in early-May of 2016 (we would go this year but I have a half marathon that conflicts on the calendar).