I Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer . . .

So, last week, while on my business trip, I had to run to a printing shop to pick up a last-minute poster and the radio was blasting (I mean uncomfortably loud) a song that I've probably "always" loved but never, ever think about . . . Stevie Wonder's "I Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer".

First released in 1971, the song is about a love lost in a very unexpected way and time . . . summer and despite the promises (either stated or implied) that the love was eternal. Wonder uses the warmth and glow of summer to contrast against the expectation that a love might fade in the chill and dropping off of fall or the desolation of winter but certainly the rise of spring and the heat of the long days would keep any love alive (like so many plants that take their place in the sun at the same time).

It is a beautiful song that has been deftly handled and covered by dozens (if not hundreds) of good, bad, and ugly musicians over the years. Want to hear some other, great versions? Sure you do:

Anywho - after I was reminded of how great the song was I was convinced that the next challenge was to find another great cover of it and I DID - by the amazing, troubled, absurdly talented Lauryn Hill. Please to enjoy!