Hillary . . .

If you go back to my very early days of loving politics . . . you go back to the early days of me loving the Clintons. Technically you can look at Mario Cuomo and the failed effort of Mike Dukakis but stuff got "real" when the Clintons turned it on in 1992.

They were YOUNG and the people they worked with and the campaign team they built were youngER. It was exciting. Politics felt accessible and real and they were, if nothing else, liberals. Much of the next decade-to-dozen years of my political interests were also fueled by the Clintons and my growing, raging liberalism.

Then something weird happened - Bill became an elder statesman and Hillary became a hawk. They got older. They got more curmudgeonly. They got more centrist in many ways. By 2008, Hillary was not the most liberal candidate in the pack and was not even that much more liberal than some of her foes across the proverbial aisle and that drove me nuts.

Since her loss in 2008 I feel like she spent four years as a Secretary of State and then just got grumpy. And that is okay. She was part of a  young, upstart political couple in 1992. 23 years later, she's part of an elder couple of political statespeople - who are grandparents.

I get it. It is what it is but then - then - OH  BABY - she dropped this video on YouTube (like allllll the cool kids are doing these days) on Sunday and it got REAL again . . .

LOOK at the content of that video. Schools/education? Job creation? Gay marriage? Equality in every sense of the word? Protection of the lower and middle class? Social engagement on every level? Volunteerism? Retirement protection?

Ladies and gentlemen - Hillary Clinton is back to being a liberal. She's back. And my excitement for her is back, too. I don't know what the next 18 months will bring but - if all we get is a flash of a return to liberalism in American politics, I'm happy. I can dream of politics again. Like when I was young.