Be a Good Person . . .

Last week a woman who's entire life's claim to fame, to date, has been as a little-known reporter for the ESPN network (her employer, you might know, is a famous for defending and empowering domestic abusers, sports that shorten the lives of those who play it, games that can lead to crippling debt for those with neither the skill nor resources to bet on them, and racists - for context) lost her dark, selfish mind on a stranger who works the night shift at an impound lot for a towing company.

Here is the video of this young woman (who I can only imagine makes her parents cringe this much every time they see her talking on camera) doing her best/worst . . .

Does she seem frazzled to you? Does she seem overwhelmed? Does she even seem stressed? Not to me (I should clarify here I'm no expert at reading people's emotions). She seems - aside from anger - well in her normal mind and state and, frankly, she seems free and loose with the words.

We get it. You graduated from college. We get it. You get to stand on camera and talk about stuff (games) that don't actually matter at all to anyone. We get it. You presume that the woman on the other side of the glass is dumb - based on the context of her being in a booth and taking your money and her, by your presumption, having some extra pounds on her and maybe not the best teeth you've ever seen. The company this woman works for has a reputation for over-towing and being over-zealous on top of it? By all means, Britt, let her have it.

No, no. NOT really.

I have made no secret - on this blog, in my real life, in other forums, about my quick temper, my forked and fast tongue (armed with a vast vocabulary that I usually abandon to just say "f*ck" over and over and over again with a noun or other word in between). I have also made no bones about the fact that I "get away with" living that way (it is NOT okay, it is NOT becoming, and it is something that will eventually come back to haunt me on a very deep level) is because I can and DO admit when I have gone too far (or even when people perceive I have gone too far) and I will genuinely and honestly apologize and attempt to make it right.

I don't do THIS:

And I don't make excuses. I admit that I'm a shithead and I apologize. I TRY to be a good person about it. More importantly - the biggest issue I have with the above (despite it being trite, cliche, empty, and as self-centered as the things she said on camera) is that it is a mismatch for the offense. IF she was sincere and genuine she would slum her way (crawling skin and all) back to Arlington, VA and she would seek out the employee and she would look her in the eye and apologize for being so unacceptably rude to a fellow human who was just trying to do their job while you and friends enjoyed dinner at a fancy restaurant and your car got towed.

I don't know what path my daughter's life will take but I hope that she steers clear of this sort of controversy. The type this reporter experienced and the type I live in.