SAE . . .

For those who don't know (and shame of you if you don't) there was an "incident" a week ago at the University of Oklahoma (yes, Boomer Sooner indeed) involving members of a fraternity (Sigma Alpha Epsilon or SAE (who reminds you to "Be True" as their tagline/slogan/laughable rhetoric)) on a charter bus (nothing good ever happens after 10 PM or on a charter bus) shouting racial slurs and laughing about lynchings. This, I should point out, was done by a group of white children (I would call them "young men" but their apologists - like any time someone old enough to vote, die for their country, pay taxes, legally marry, buy firearms, and even buy booze - want to make them little bundles of joy on their first bright-eyed adventure into the world) and they were doing it while in their Sunday finest and on their way to get rip-roaring drunk and probably defile some co-eds. Because frat.

I know I am late on this one but I didn't want to just sort of spout off and let the rhetoric of the media and other people's opinions and social media rub off on me or how I said this and I wanted to be sure that I was really this made versus just being reactionary. Turns out - I am THIS pissed about it.

Am I pissed about the word? Eh. Honestly - that is about 20% of it. Am I pissed that a huge chunk of people (as important as their lay opinions are in these matters) think that to sever ties with the fraternity and even expel some of the students who were caught "leading" the chant? Eh. That is - let's say 15% of it. The rest of it . . . the last 65% of my anger is about one simple thing . . . this incident proves that we're not really getting any better at understanding (much less "fighting" racism in America - sorry President Obama who believes that these incidents and the debate they spark are good for progress).

Here's what it boils down to . . . this crazy old bag (who has either suffered a few strokes or likes having a few Adult Sodey-Pops with the "kids" in the frat that call her "Frat Mom") SHOULD be the face of racism in America (and she is - they got her on video saying the "N-word" several times in a row while cackling from behind her unnerving teeth . . .

Why "should" she be the face of racism in America? Well - "should" is not the right word here but let's say that she personifies the presumption that racism is something carried by the old. We want, so badly, to believe that the casual use of racial slurs and epithets and the attitudes of segregation and open hatred, etc.  are things that Grandparents do. We excuse it - they knew a time "when". We (at least in my case) hope that it means that with their eminent death (my last Grandparent died 17 years ago - what are the rest of your Grandparents waiting for?) means the death of the bull shit.

Instead? Instead? THIS contemptible little f*ck is the NEW (same taste, new look) face of racism in America.

Congratulations, Parker Rice (let's presume you are "Parker Rice III" or "Parker Rice IV"). You are now the most obvious target of rage in America. Not "Black America" but ALLLLLL Amerca. I sorta hate you. And why do I hate you? Because you are proof that open, proud, loud racism is not going to end when your "Frat Mom" dies (any day now - seriously - she looks super, super old).

And here is the real problem . . . you and your ilk (your frat brothers and all the other racists in this country who only care about your small minds and shitty positions when you get busted) have DEFENDERS.

Oh yeah. SAE is thinking about suing the University of Oklahoma for kicking you out and for telling your "brothers" to pack their stuff (and seriously BIG props to OU President David Boren for taking no pause, taking no measured reaction, and taking no heat for his swift action and strong words) and get out. Apparently he broke laws and didn't observe these men's "right to free speech" in his reaction.

Yes. That's right. There are people walking among you who want to make this about Constitutional Law - you know - right after the part that "All men are created equal" and just before "the right to laugh about lynching 'n*ggers' who might want to join your fraternity at OU".

There are people who want to blame this on rappers and "black culture" for the open and unapologetic use of the "n-word" in lyrics and other artistic impression (yes - the "If they can say it, why can't our SAE brothers at OU" defense).

Many have come out and talked about an innocent mistake of youth. Tell the truth - fellas - if you had not gotten caught . . . if one of your own brothers had not shared the video with the world . . . would you have any "I'm sorry" for the world? Would you even give it a pause? Would you even wait until your next fancy chartered bus ride to use the word again?

And here's the thing about that "I'm sorry" - these "men" aren't even adult or person enough to issue them directly. No, no. Their parents issue statements on their behalf. They were apparently raised "better" than using a racial slur and they have "character" that is outside of that "behavior" (Yep, sure, Parker Rice the Previous). They let their high schools (some ultra inclusive-sounding Dallas Jesuit) do their apologizing. Apparently the whole community of students and alumns will benefit from this painful lesson in humility and love. Stop vomiting. They are serious.

But the worst part . . . the WORST part is that Parker Rice the IX (or whatever horribly dreadful nickname his "brothers" call him) is just waiting this out. He's probably chilling, as you read this, in the basement of his 19,000,000 square foot home in the Dallas suburbs (and by "his" I mean the one his parents own) and playing a video game and texting with his friends who are "being subjected to hateful speech and intimidation" back on campus . . . hey goose - meet gander or looking at either UT, or KU, or TCU, or Tulane, or some other moderately-prestigious University where he will resume his long, steady climb through undergraduate education where he'll, again, be a business major (bet your ass he was studying some form of business) and he'll, in due time (six years - no need to rush the college experience) he'll graduate and get a job working for some firm where Parker Rice the XVII was once a partner/executive vice president and he'll make more money in his first year than some of us in a decade and he'll, in time, get a 20,000,000 square foot home where he and Buffy O'Pearson will fornecate just enough to make two more kids and they will teach them to be "better" than using the racist words daddy used while laughing, smiling, and having fun until the video surfaced that pointed out the error of his ways.

And then - in sixty years - Parker Rice XVIII will look at his Grandma Buffy (who will be drunk on a couch and shouting "n*gger" in to a recording device and go "Man, I can't wait until the older generation dies off - their racism is out of control."

WE did this to us - anyone who made apologies for this little shit. YOU did this to us - anyone who wants to bring the law to the defense of these little shits. YOU did this to us - anyone who wants to presume that racism will be buried with Grandma. YOU did this to us - system that just lets people who say and do the stupidest things in the world get away with it as long as the money is still good. YOU did this to us - parents of Parker Rice who would come to his defense and not just bury the kid in guilt, shame, and humility. But you didn't just do it to us . . . you did it to the next generation of Rices. That's even worse.