Miles To Go . . .

Soooo, I'm back running (going strong, thanks for not asking) and while I don't really want to talk about how absolutely horrifying it is to run at my current weight and general level of physical fitness - there is something I want to share with you.

The pain. The PAIN. THE PAIN. 

Because, well, as we have discussed, I have this big body and the roads are made of hard, compacted surfaces and the cold weather makes those surfaces even harder. Yet. There I am - five days a week - before the sun even rises (literally, I have maybe run 7% of my 170-some miles I've done this year under the cover of sun. 

Anywho . . . what the heck was I even talking about . . . oh yeah, yeah. MILES. So what is a big man, trying to get less fat while running and sweating profusely in the pre-dawn hours on the frozen streets of East Wichita to do to help the miles pass?

Think about all sort of random crap. Here (and I really did keep track yesterday morning) here are the things I thought about while running:
  1. Why polyester is unacceptable in some clothing contexts (men's suiting) but completely okay in others (like the running gear I am sporting).
  2. If Hillary likes BlackBerries for their security, their functionality, or as a sorta "I live in a bubble and this is the only smartphone I've ever owned way." (I decided it is security protocol.)
  3. How I can convince Special Lady Friend to start wearing dark tan chinos (which she would look great in).
  4. What I want to get my ex-wife for a wedding gift.
  5. Which Weepies song is my absolute favorite (I think it is "Stars".)
  6. If Vladimir Putin watches "House of Cards" and if he is, in any way, flattered or annoyed by this "character" in Season Three of the show.
  7. Why I love bananas so friggin' bad.
  8. Why more people don't love bananas quite so friggin' bad.
  9. Navy blue. 
  10. If I would be flattered or annoyed if House of Cards had a character based on me.
  11. What I'm going to do if the OTHER (lesser) Sean Amore blows the f*ck up in the movie business.
  12. How much I enjoy the show Archer. 
  13. Navy blue.
  14. East High School (I was running by it).
  15. Why their aren't more people interested in navy blue and/or The Weepies.
  16. That if it is not "Stars" my favorite Weepies song is "All Good Things".
  17. Celery and why I will eat it for hours at a time with peanut butter and raisins on it but never without those two things . . . or bleu cheese dip.
  18. Brooches. Specifically Madeline Albright's and how sharp they look on women.
  19. If Jay-Z ever ponders going back to Shawn Carter and just hanging out with his billions.
  20. How little "hanging out" I would do if Beyonce was around my house. She's the worst.
  21. Navy blue.
  22. Women - when spelled w-o-m-y-n.
  23. Why "feminism" is such a fractured and otherwise inconsistent movement and effort and why I don't care more about the wage gap (yes - full disclosure - I don't spend much time pondering it . . . what with not being a job creator, an employer, or someone who pays anyone anything).
  24. If I should stockpile a few more pair of Brooks Trance 12s and/or Brooks Transcend 1s (while they are still available) or if I should try a pair of New Balance 1080v5s just to diversify.
  25. How weird it is that I've been wearing shoes for four weeks and they are already 30% exhausted (based on 400 miles of use/wear).
  26. How great it would be to be one of those random shoe-tester guys that gets free stuff.
  27. A great advertising campaign for some shoe company "brave" enough to feature fat people (if high fashion, cosmetics, and advertising in general can/do - why can't gear designed to make us more fit).
  28. How much I hate the NFL.
  29. Navy blue.
  30. How much I love being done running - and wearing navy blue.