Chuckles . . .

I was sitting at a red light last night and the randomest thing popped in to my head . . . Candy, candy, candy. CANDY!

As you may know - I try to avoid processed sugars as much as possible. Long story why. Failure abounds. Etc. Last night was not so much about longing/lusting for candy (I, truth be told, had stuffed myself on Tex/Mex from one of my favorite Mexican places in DC and could not have eaten one more morsel of any food if I wanted to).

No, no. This was more about memories. Truly thinking ABOUT (vs. "of") candy. When I was a kid I would do just about anything for candy. I'd clean my room, wash dishes, brush my teeth, kill a foreign double agent with a chopstick, go to Sunday School, etc. etc. etc. I loved it all and my favorite candy treat was probably the randomest candy ever . . . CHUCKLES.

Now many of you readers (I'm huge with the Millennial crowd) are too young to remember Chuckles and that. is. regrettable. Chuckles, it turns out, are pretty amazing. They are sorta a gummy candy that is coated with granulated sugar (think orange segments - another favorite candy of mine from back in the day) and they come in five flavors . . . Lucious lime, outrageous orange, yummy yellow, ridiculously good red, and horrible, gross black.

This isn't a food racism thing . . . some of my favorite foods in the world are black.That's a lie. There are no good black foods in the world and anise flavored gummy candy is probably at the bottom of that list of horrific, black foods.

And yet I could not help myself. I loved friggin' Chuckles so damned much that I would knowingly purchase a candy that I know I would only ever want to eat 80% of. Sure, sure, sure . . . you might think I was mature and sophisticated beyond my years and life experience to be so wonderfully aware that not everything in life was going to please me and to be able to parse out the things I did enjoy even at the cost of those I did not and blah, blah, blah but - truth be told - NONE of that was the case.

I just loved me some Chuckles. At least 4:5 of them.