Archery . . .

Something truly random happened in our home on this weekend . . .

1) We went to Cabela's.

Okay TWO truly random things happened.

2) We spent money.

Okay THREE truly random things happened.

3) We bought an archery set for the kiddo. A junior bow, six arrows, and a target.

Okay FOUR truly random things happened.

4) My ex-wife and her fiance came over and the five of us (the two of them, the kid, Special Lady Friend, and I) stood in the back lawn for over an hour on Sunday and shot said arrows at said target using said bow.

Oh. FIVE truly random things happened.

5) Only four total arrows pierced the target - just 20 feet away - including THREE of mine (fun fact - we hit the support posts of the neighbor's fence (twice as far away) MORE often).

SIX truly random things happened.

6) Special Lady Friend misunderstood the physics of a taught bow string and zapped her arm and has a bruise that even a well-crafted domestic abuse joke (NO such thing exists, to be clear) would do justice.

Why did all this happen? Simple. Because it was there. -Ish.

When I was a Boy Scout working at a summer camp I LOVED archery and would spend hours out on the range just pulling and releasing (that sounds way dirtier than it probably is). It was the most calming, relaxing, focus-inducing thing I probably ever did (close second was playing my flute which I could also lose myself in for hours (that also sounds dirtier than it is)). Another reason? The kiddo, in our and professional opinion, needs some focus in her life and could benefit from some sunshine on her cheeks (and an arm-guard on her left forearm).

Next up is an adult bow (about as dirty as it sounds), more arrows, and some sort of backstop for errant arcs. After that? Better floodlights in the back lawn for when the urges outlast the daylight.