Out-Running My Sneakers . . .

Thankful to get the LAST PAIR of Transcend in my size! The 
I am a frugal, frugal man. I wore underpants and socks for four years . . . they were literally falling apart at the seams . . . before finally replacing them. The way I saw it - no one would ever see them anyway and they were good enough for me and they "worked" as well as they needed to so - why bother to replace them?

I've also bought plenty of shoes from eBay. USED shoes from eBay. Why? Simple. $10. You take them to the local bowling alley, have them sprayed out, give them the once-over and then you have $120 worth of penny loafer for 1/12th the price and you can wear them, in the case of a few pair of my loafers, for three or four years, too (if in the rotation with nine or ten other pair of penny loafers - as mine are).

Once place I have chosen to NOT be cheap? My running "rides". That's right. This BIG SPENDER will - HAPPILY drop $120 or $150 on a pair of running kicks (as I have now done three times) from the local running store (GoRun Wichita with locations "east" and "west" here in Wichita). Why? Because running shoes are actually important.

According to Brooks (the only brand my sweet feet will run in), a pair of running shoes should last the average runner about 500 miles (presuming they are only used for running and you protect them from the elements, etc.) but I'm not exactly the average runner. I'm a BIG runner (physically/literally - not in any other way) so I asked for some candid advice and was told I should probably only put about 300 miles on my kicks (I wore Trance 11 and Trance 12 for my first two pair). So now you have a situation where you're spending all this money on shoes when you won't even spring for extra cups of dipping sauces when you order pizza. Life is funny, right?!

So WHY spend the money? Simple. Protection. If I don't spend money to protect my feet (the Trance and my current Transcend have extra stability and extra support built in to them) than I might hurt my feet, ankles, or legs. If I do that . . . I can't run 20 - 25 miles per week (as I am currently trending) and I can't lose weight or get the real benefits of running . . . waking up at 5 AM CT to run for an hour at a time before the sun even comes up to warm the eight degree air. Oh - and the amazing feeling of being alone with just your thoughts and some amazing music for an hour (in the dark and frozen air).

Long story long - I will wear underpants until they literally fall off me (and that will be awkward when I am struck by a motorist and rushed to the hospital) but I'm not messing around with my sneakers. You shouldn't either.