Furniture Shopping . . .

To many (myself, typically, included) there are few things more painful than shopping. Be it for furniture, caskets, groceries, life partners, nail clippers, or clothing.

WHY do we dislike it so much? Choices are, despite our insistence, something we don't really want or like. It is true, I would posit. Consider jeans. There are thousands of options if you factor in dyes, cuts, embroideries and embellishments (you're not living until you've seen a full grown man in public with rhinestone crosses on the butt pockets of his jeans), aging, and makers/manufactures/child laborers that make them. Yet what do MOST people own . . . plain Levi's. The 501s (or whatever cut is their most popular) because they are medium blue and regularly cut and simple and plain.

Same thing about breakfast cereals. I counted while shopping last week and there were 107 different options in the cereal aisle (just "cold" cereals, mind you) and yet the percentage of space given to corn flakes and grain O's was the biggest, by far.

These are just things you are buying for you. They are personal and - in one case (the cereal) - consumable and temporary (encouragingly - distressed denim with sequins on the ass rarely stand the test of time, either).

Now imagine you are shopping for furniture.

Yep. Furniture. Something you will share with the people in the home and any visitors or guests or traveling beacons of "The Lord" (or whatever version of they are pushing when they ring the bell and your child answers and lets them in) that may come by for years and years to come.

I recently endeavored to buy a couch/love seat/sofa/settee with Special Lady Friend. Our houses, now merged to one home, don't nearly fill the place and while we weren't exactly squatting on milk crates, we weren't exactly living high on the quality scale for the last several years. A new couch was in order (where else will we sit while we read, solve the world's problems, binge watch Netflix original programming).

Off we went. We spent 90 total minutes in one. whole. store. We spent MOST of that time sitting on a floor sample talking about what sort of furniture we actually liked . . . what "our" style was (mercifully we agreed that cracked glass table tops with chrome legs are not "our" style good and early) and what "we" wanted vs. needed for the home. Ultimately we decided "our" and "we" talk is completely obnoxious and something we (ugh) were going to try to rise above. Then - we stood up and promptly bought the thing we had been sitting on the whole time.

SO many choices and yet the one that suited us back was the one we randomly settled on while trying to make sense of the chaos.

My phone takes truly horrible photos. This is just one of thousands.