Family . . .

I have had dinner with my daughter, Special Lady Friend, my ex-wife, and her Special Fella Friend FIVE times in the last six weeks. That is a real thing. Let that soak and wash over you . . . just the five of us (or a combination of (my ex's beau was not present for one meal) sitting, in public, breaking bread and chatting away.

I know this doesn't make me special or wonderful. I deserve no medal nor chest to pin it upon. I don't get any dessert. I get no $200 as I pass "go". I just get to have some peace in my life and I get to have it with three women who are special to me (and a dude that is special to two of them (and a very, very nice guy (I would like to point out)).

I didn't really know how marriage would work with family and families being blurred and people coming and going and trying to juggle and balance the politics of what is your "business" and what is "not". I certainly did not know how divorce was going to work (but it felt super horrible and less functional than a Brownback-lead Kansas (heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyo) in the early going).

I didn't know how it might go and I would have never imagined a time that the five of us - now one "family" - might be able to come together for an evening every now and again (or eight days, depending on how specific we are being) and juggle the politics of "yours" and "mine", "ours" and "theirs" and what is (and is not) your "business" with such ease and to the (presumed) delight of all involved.

I hope the frequency slows down - I hope the mood and notion of our "family" only improves with time.