Don't Drink and _________________ . . .

I try not to text and drive (Sitting at a red light is SITTING AT A RED LIGHT vs DRIVING, Officer Krupke!).

I am not above popping in a mint or choosing a podcast from my Stitcher app (NO more distracting than tuning the radio, etc.).

In general though . . . we should just drive while driving. Keep it simple.

Here - in a vague order - are ten other things you should not do while driving.

10) Work on finding inner peace.
9) Listen to Brett & Tracy Morning Show on the new Q92 FM. (Great organization but . . . really . . . REALLY Wichita?!)
8) Take and/or post a duck-faced-selfie. Seriously. Much like dodging a wrench = dodging a ball . . . driving a car = too old for that crap. ESPECIALLY at the same time.
7) Eat a bowl of cereal (Where my Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans is AT, yo!?)
6) Oral sex. Giving or receiving.
5) Origami.
4) Woodcarving.
3) Hair and make up.
2) Decide that Jay is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the whole truth while catching up on Serial.
1) This. More than all others COMBINED . . . this. Seriously. This. This. This one thing. This.