Binge is a Four-Letter Word . . .

The third season of House of Cards will be released on us in exactly 30 days. I'll be waiting for the next season of House of Cards (if they make it - speculation is not on the side of another batch) by 31 days from now.


I lack self control. I lack will power. I lack the ability to do things in moderation and to say "enough is enough". I pulled an all-nighter the night the first season of House of Cards was made available. It took me less than 24 hours to get through all of season two. I'll do about as well in season three.

And it is not just House of Cards. It is Murder She Wrote and Psych! and Monk and Poirot. It is The Americans and The Wire and Family Guy and The League. It is the Fast and Furious franchise (so many times) and it is the fact that as long as I have an Internet connection and 22 - 92 free minutes I have all I need to feed my craziness.

I don't think I'm as addicted to Netflix and Amazon Prime as I am food or sleep or spelling errors or poor sentence structure or diet soda but my name is Sean and I am a stream-binge-a-holic.