Advice . . .

Are you sitting down? Want to hear something MIND blowing? Yes and yes?! Okay. Here we go (remain seated at all times); people come to me for advice. Often.

Personal (be YOU). Professional (be YOU). Relationship (break up, you have enough doubt already). Fashion (all khaki and navy blue, all the time). Sexual (have a safety word). Life-decision (DO IT!). Religious (we won't know until we are dead, either/anyway). Often. Daily. Sometimes several times a day.

I'm not just talking about my daughter (no - red socks with pink flowers do NOT match your day-glo sneakers, kiddo) or my intern (who is a delight who just rolls her eyes when I tell her of my plan to light colleagues on fire (that is a real conversation between us)). I'm talking people who have options. Choices. Brains and positioning. Opportunity.

I'm actually FINE with this "burden" (not the right word for it - it is a true pleasure to have come to a place in life where I've got enough frown lines, grey hair, and battle scars to be seen as "wise" and "experienced"). I actually rather enjoy it. It is fun (that is the right word) to step outside of your life for a few minutes (while taking context) and applying it to the petri dish of someone else's messed up moment/situation/existence.

It is not that different to my all-time favorite "What if?" question where you go back in time and tell the X grade/age/position version of you what you know now (and you/they might want to know). If I am being honest, I would not share anything of consequence - it all happens for a reason. I would really just tell me to wear more orange, trust my gut, and use pentasyllabic words more often. I digress.

Oh, yeah, YOUR life and the advice YOU seek. If you want my opinion (and I will often find there is a per-cursor to why MY advice is sought "You seem like a guy full of ego, hubris, and scrambled eggs" is the most common) it is here for the taking.

My ONLY request? If you are going to ask for counsel. If you are going to take time (which sounds more dramatic than it is). If you are going to ask me to put myself in your shoes (which is gross on several levels). IF all these and more - be open to the advice. Don't come wanting me to simply rubber stamp your mindset. Don't ignore me. Don't dispute what I suggest (unless you are clarifying or refining what I have been told in pursuit of more thorough feedback). Don't have the exercise be fruitless.

You do not have to FOLLOW my advice. You don't have to take it as Gospel or sage direction. You need only let it hang in the air and keep the value and intent with which I present it. Anything less is disrespectful to the scrambled eggs that fill me.