Wisdom . . .

I'm currently reading four books. A NIGHTMARE for my unfocused brain but that is exactly why I am doing it . . . to try to test my brain and my comprehension and retention. One of them is Rabbi Joseph Telushkin's "Jewish Wisdom".

While not the most entertaining book on my nightstand it is the most educational. Which brings me to my point . . . wisdom is something very different than smarts or knowledge. Wisdom is a sorta hybrid of those things but it is really about the context of experience.

You can be told something and you might learn it. You can sit in a class and maybe absorb a lesson. You can sit through a sermon and maybe take away some understanding. You can read a parable and capture the moral.

NONE of that is as important as the eventual wisdom that will develop, after time and experience, from the initial learning.

Just be patient. Be observant. Use the facts and figures and gleanings as grease on the tracks that line your path. Eventually - it will all turn in to something great.