Special Lady Friend . . .

I have had a few people ask, in the last few months, for more information on who "Special Lady Friend" is.

I, always one to understand nuance and charm, immediately begin talking about the "blocking and tackling" parts of her life . . . social security number, family biography, approximated medical history, her tax bracket, etc. only to be met with blank stares, eye rolls, and arm punches.

It turns out the question is, typically, far more simple . . . Who is SHE (vs. Who IS she)? What is her name? Well, dear reader, I've got some bad news for you (if you are in the group of 11 or 12 people in the world who care/are curious). I'll never disclose that information or post any photos of her in this forum.

Two reasons "why". The first is the easiest . . . I don't talk about my positive, happy relationships or the people in this world that bring me direct hope and joy on this blog. Yep. Get in line for telling me how silly that is (even more annoying - listen in on a phone call between my parents and me when I stiff arm even them (evil laugh) on what is actually happening in my life).

The second is far more respectful and appropriate . . . Special Lady Friend is an adult. A full-blown, worked-her-ass-off-started-from-the-bottom-now-she's-hurrr ADULT! Part of that maturity (I'm so jealous I can barely stop myself from replacing her shampoo with Caro syrup every night while she slumbers) is that she has a real job that is sorta public and the people she works with/helps will frequently "Google" her and her employer watches what their people are up to (let's just saw we sat in the car and had a "pep talk" before walking in to her office barbecue this summer) and I don't ever, ever, ever want to do anything to harm or jeopardize her good name and all the hard work she has put in all the respect and opportunity that comes along with it.

Sure, sure . . . there are tons of ways we are "connected" in the digital world but you'll have to know one of us to see that tie and connection and - through that simple, easy barrier alone my work here is done.

Now - if you'll excuse me . . . I'm going to go stretch some Saran Wrap (TM) under the toilet seat.