Sean's Top 10 "Heynows"of The Moment . . .

I played this deplorable, sexist, and crass game in 2012 and again in 2013 so - let's go again in 2014, shall we? Yes. Yes we shall!

A few disclaimers . . .

  1. Special Lady Friend is fine with this list. She knows she is a very, very close number eleven and that is good enough for her. I kid. We have that "Friends" thing where we get the list of free passes. I kid. She's a fully-grown, emotionally-stable adult that gets that this is just something I "do". I don't kid. She really does. 
  2. Again this year the list is becoming increasingly about mental stimulation than just physical attraction. No. I'm not evolved. If I did a "lust" list you'd all never be able to make eye contact with me again. 
  3. You'll note there are some men on this list. No. This is not a big announcement regarding my orientation or openness therein. Just an acknowledgement that smart, engaging, talented, charismatic, and, well, sexy people come in both genders.
We ready? Of course we are! 

10) Marjorie Ingall

I don't know what Marjorie Ingall looks like (truly - this is the only picture of her I've seen, to the best of memory) but I am obsessed with her writing. She writes a lot about Jewish culture, and books, but also has a thing - like I do - for false/forced apologies that is worth a read, too. I don't care what she looks like. I'm mainly interested in her thinking and her sense of humor and her snark.

9) Idris Elba

I'm going to say this once, out loud, and without regret . . . Idris Elba is a sexy man. If the 12-year-old me said that in front of his 12-year-old friends there would be homophobic slurs lobbed about but I don't care. Elba, who I first admired for his talent in The Wire is fantastic in Luther. I'll even forgive his presence in that p.o.s. Pacific Rim. He's that. damned. good. (looking).
8) Melissa McCarthy

One of only two women to make all three "heynow" lists this one is a crush that is sorta mental and sorta physical. I like that, as the years go on, McCarthy is getting slightly more "emotional" with her acting (taking her back - to those who "knew" her when) to the days of Gilmore Girls when she was funny and sweet and had some depth. I've not (yet) seen it but I hear she is wonderful in St. Vincent. Long live the evolving Ms. McCarthy.

7) Linda Holmes

I did not know what Linda Holmes looked like until I Googled her for this photo (I follow her on Twitter but never really paid attention to her avatar, I guess). Now I'm wondering how old she is (she looks young, right) but not enough to really get too caught up with it because I have a crush on Linda Holmes for her brain and her pop culture chops. She and her podcast friends are the only really tie I have to what the masses are enjoying (spoiler alert - it is the pop culture loves of the NPR masses vs. the, you know, masses that they discuss).

6) Debra Monk

I have such a little "thing" for Debra Monk. From her days as Mrs. Sipowicz on NYPD Blue to her turn in this fall's "This is Where I Leave You" she seems to always be the woman no one pays much attention to until the realize they should really be paying attention to her. She plays that role very well in film. I doubt that is her real life problem.

5) Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow (who seems happy in every aspect of her life) is beyond bright and hilarious and assertive and generous. I have listened to the podcast of her MSNBC show for many years and, if I am being honest, watching her show is one of the only things I miss about cable. I have read her book (learned a lot from it) and I would dare say that if I could be as bright, calm, and focused as her . . . I'd be happier.

4) Connie Britton

PROOF that this list is not just about beauty . . . Connie Britton (who - for almost a decade has been the hottest woman on the face of the planet to my perverted little brain) slipped from one to FOUR on this year's rankings. She's still beautiful. She's still talented. She's still up there. It is not you, Connie. It is me.

3) Fionnula Flanagan

Okay. Okay. CALM DOWN. 1) Ms. Flanagan is not even the oldest woman I've had on this list over the years. 2) I can/will explain - this woman is beautiful and she always plays these parts where her emotions are just sort of missing. She was so creepy in "The Others" and "Nip/Tuck" and, be honest, you were not really sure what she was really up to on "Lost" but she is simply striking. Sidebar - she's on this list because she guest stars in a charming episode of - my kid's favorite online show of the moment.

2) Hillary Clinton

Just run. Please!? Put down your guard, do real media interviews, address the lingering questions, and prove that your 30-some-years of public service as a first lady of Arkansas and the United States and then your turn as, oh, I don't know, SENATOR, and your years as, um, SECRETARY OF STATE are more about your brains and savvy and political talents than the jokes and critique. Or do not run. Go join your husband's institute (or start your own) and just put that brain of yours to work for the world outside of politics. Either way, we win!

1) Mike Pesca

I know very, very little (blissfully) about sports but most of what I once knew came from NPR reporter Mike Pesca. He left NPR and joined Slate and hosts two of my FAVORITE podcasts (The Gist and Hang Up and Listen - now my main source of sports knowledge) and tickles me daily. I laugh, I learn, I build my vocabulary. He's fun, bright, and fantastic. I just want to hang out with him . . . and I sorta do. Close enough.