Let It Go . . .

The song that won't go away.
I have a confession to make. I've never actually seen the movie Frozen. I know, I know. SCANDAL and HORROR.

That being said, I have read and heard enough about it to have a pretty good idea of what it is about (spoiler alert - the movie is actually a symbolic fictionalization of how WASPy families in the 60s dealt with teen pregnancy) and I sort of appreciate the idea.

No, not the teen pregnancy part (seriously, kids, use condoms and learn how cycles work and please allow relations to be special vs. casual) but the idea that we all have talents and powers that we some might not understand and that might not always be appreciated. It can lead to torment and heartache and general misery. But they are our gifts and they must be used and others must respect them.

I'm 38 and (almost) a half years old. I've spent far, far too much of my life and energy getting hung up on other people and their gifts. Some might label it "jealousy" (I would go more envy - jealousy, technically, is an emotion you feel when you think someone else is going to take what is or might otherwise be yours - and I don't think that most people's gifts are otherwise mine for the taking/use). Some would call it "pettiness" (I would probably agree with that). Others might imply it is based on my brain's wiring to focus on things that don't really matter to me on a personal, direct level. That is completely truly.

Yet. Here I am. Greying, balding, fat, and distracted. I've got so many great things in my life with so many reasons to be happy and content and engaged and focused and that has given me pause (if only because I am working on my 2015 goals and this is a big one) and had me realizing that I need to let it all go. So - as of this post - here are a list of 15 things I will never again give my mental energy or focus to.
  1. Instagram, throw-back Thursdays, and other obsessive sharing of photos past and present
  2. The conscious decision to fake/presume an allergy or other digestive and bodily issue
  3. Bakeries (or bakery) on West Douglas
  4. Flip Flops, Crocs, and other "casual" shoes where plastics and polymers are the number one material
  5. Why adults celebrate their birthdays
  6. The notion that politicians can/should act with true leadership and character as their guides
  7. People who dismiss pennies as not being real, valuable money
  8. Mindy Kaling's career and fans
  9. Poetry and its fans
  10. Pop culture "icons" and their power and influence
  11. Adults who are so fragile that profanity "offends" them and critique "overwhelms" them
  12. Math, science, and logic
  13. Wichita ad agencies, their leadership, or their rises and falls (unless I eventually, and unlikely-ly go back to working for one)
  14. People who identify green as their favorite color
  15. Single-issue voters

So - there you have it. Live your lives. Use your gifts. Be who you are and know that I'm just fine with it.