Is It Over? . . .

As this post populates I'll be, in theory, wrapping up a walk/run around the hills of Manhattan ( . . . Kansas . . . that's the "Little Apple" to you and me, city slickers) and I'll focusing on three things. First, how much I regret not continuing to run four or five days a week when I had it going. Second, how great my music mixes for running have become. Third, I've made it.

When Special Lady Friend and I started really looking at houses (vs. websites full of them) this fall we talked about timing and opportunity and risks and rewards. We decided that we would just sort of see where things fell with everything that was coming up . . . business travel for me, interview season for her, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, holiday concerts, holiday parties, parents visiting, our first truly shared Christmas, my first "celebrated" Christmas in years, time with her family, time with my ex-wife and her boyfriend (we all get along swimmingly - more on that later),  shopping, gifting, packing, moving, unpacking, sleeping, combining Netflix accounts (yep, we're "that couple" now), etc.

Well . . . you won't know for sure until Monday's post (Sunday's is also pre-written and scheduled to post) but I am presuming that I'm alive and well. I'm presuming we made it through all the chaos. I'm presuming the kiddo is happy and healthy and had a killer holiday season without the opening-wrapped-gifts equivalent to Tennis Elbow. I'm presuming it is all over. I'm focusing on bigger and better things, like working something from "The War on Drugs" in to my next running playlist (a fantastic album I didn't even learn about until some recent "best of the year" album lists), and preparing for 2015.