Hanukkah Playlist . . .

As we are already 25% of the way through the candle-lighting-ceremony of Hanukkah 5775 I wanted to address one of the great myths of our Holiday.

There are some who believe there are NO good Hanukkah songs (and in their defense - there are not very many) but this is not true.

Sure, sure. We don't have all the awesomeness of the very, very rapey "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and we can't bum you out with "Christmas Shoes".

There are not nearly as many horrible "fun" songs like the Hippopotamus song or the dreadful, misguided 12 Days of Christmas (which I have to presume was dreamed up by some teenager who wanted the holiday party equivalent of "Seven Minutes in Heaven" with his under-aged, special lady friend).

We'll let you Christians have alllllllll that musical wonder. Really. Take it. Please.

But what of Hanukkah music? NO worries. We have dozens if not hundreds of songs that are specific to the occasion and - if you are liberal in your use of "good" and if you take some liberties (like borrowing words like "candle" and "light" and "glow" and "eight") - you can come up with a solid hour of music that will get you long-past candle lighting and gift opening.

The following is a Spotify playlist I put together. Please to enjoy:

And we have tons of random spoofs of songs to "enjoy" including this not-safe-for-work-or-the-faint-at-heart jam from my FAVORITE (if not ONLY) Jewish, woman rapper . . . J.A.P. (yep, as in Jewish American Princess).

Chag Sameach, my fellow Jews! Happy Hanukkah to all!