Favorite Song of the Year . . .

Calm down, buddy. Act like you've been the title of a song before.
It is December and that means that the "best"- and "worst"- of lists have started (I saw one in OCTOBER) and the world will soon swim (drown?) in recaps of the year that was/is/might/should/would/could have been. Who am I to judge? No one. To that end - I'll be posting my favorites of the year throughout the month. I skip the "worst" - I try to appreciate vs. hate.

Let's start with song of the year (note - I, like the folks at the Grammy's, separate out song and album (they spread song and record but that is something totally different and still sorta confusing) so let me clarify - this is my favorite TRACK. I'll spotlight my favorite collection of tracks later in the month).

Without additional delay or clarification . . . My FAVORITE song of this year  was the acoustic version of "Detlef Schrempf" by Band of Horses. Who also recorded one of my favorite songs of all time ("The Funeral"). The song itself, before you start calling me out, was released in 2007 but this version (which is not that terribly different from but, in my mind, superior to, was released this year). It is also worth noting that my favorite book of 2013 came out in 2010 so . . . I'm my own man.

This was a terrific year for music. I am now believing in the notion that the digitization of music levels the playing field for smaller artists to be discovered and to build followings and for the algorithms of the digital providers/streamers to help you find stuff you will like. I loved hundreds of new songs this year many by people I had never before heard of. I may rank the top ten at some point (we'll see how hard up I become for posts this month).

I digress . . . my favorite . . . yeah. Odd title. I've never really bothered to really figure out why the song is called Delbert Schrempf (there are lots of versions of on the web - ain't you gots no Googles?) but from what I can gather Mr. Scrempf was an NBA journeyman who spent years with many teams including the Seattle (the band's home) (Super)sonics (now the Oklahoma City Thunder).

The GOOD news? The song has nothing to do with basketball or dudes known for being gangly, and mulleted, in my never humble opinion. Instead, it is about the notion that you people come and go and you gain and lose them and the key is how you treat them and they you and you, mutually, treat "every living soul".

Anywho, give it a listen and let me know what you think. Also - what was your favorite song of the year? Maybe you listened to something I never even got a chance to enjoy.