Favorite Movie of the Year . . .

I sat through/watched/enjoyed/endured nearly 80 movies this year (if you include Netflix viewing). This has to be some sort of record for me. I'm not sure what caused this sudden explosion in movie watching (my typical M.O. is to binge watch TV shows or just read or surf the web) but, for the most part, I feel pretty good about it and what I watched.

While there were many films I really, really enjoyed this year (including the winner and honorable mentions at the top of the proverbial heap) my FAVORITE movie of the year had to be a little-seen (at least in this part of the world) and littler-discussed (especially in this part of the world) comedy about, well, abortion.

Let me (statistically speaking) introduce you to . . . "Obvious Child"

Now I know . . . I know . . . so I'm going to post a favorable review of an abortion on comedy on Christmas eve? Yep. I am. Because the movie is a comedy about an abortion but it is really much, much more about people and decisions and responsibility and being who you are in the midst of tough decisions.

To say "Obvious Child" is about abortion is to say that Schindler's List is about enamel manufacturing. It is much, much, much more about people and it is really, really well written, made, cast, and acted and it is really, really hilarious and touching in a strange, unexpected way. If you're not familiar with Jenny Slate - get on that. She sorta kills everything she does (I first became smitten with her comedic chops on Kroll Show . . . "I really do hate water . . . like I HATE it.").

Check out "Obvious Child". It is NOT going to make your reconsider your position on abortion or 20-somethings or immature 20-somethings or immature 20-somethings that chose to have abortions after irresponsible sex but it will entertain you and make you realize that, at the end of the day, an abortion is a huge decision that forever changes lives and relationships but it is a decision millions of American women have made and gone on to live those changed lives in changed relationships. If that can happen . . . now tough of an adjustment can the rest of life really be?

Honorable Mentions . . .

Saving Mr. Banks -
It came out in 2013 but I saw it in very early 2014 and adored it. I have not laughed AND cried so much in one movie before (I've done one or the other - for sure - but never both).

Wish I Was Here - 
Everything you need to know about my thoughts on it are here.

Muppets Most Wanted - 
Again, I already reviewed it (and declared it a finalist for this un-coveted prize). 

This Is Where I Leave You -
This one was so very, very close to my favorite because it was so much better than I had feared it might be.