The Tale of Two Blogs . . .

I used to not like numbers (or "data" and "analytics" as they are now known). I thought there was nothing worth really considering in them. No real rhyme or reason beyond what people WANT to find in them - sort of that old argument that you can bend facts to say anything you want if you are articulate enough.

Yet I found myself the other day having a bit of a moment . . . mainly looking at my own Google, well, Analytics.

Note the above . . . the overview of my two blogs. The first "My Journey" is about my gastric bypass surgery and the loss of about 230 pounds in about two years. I posted to it for the first time on August 1, 2007. I had a one-year-and-one-week old and I had a wife I adored and who, I believe, adored me too and a life I thought I understood. In the 27 months that followed I posted nearly 600 missives about that life.

Then I started to gain weight. Truly. That is what ended the blog (on November 5, 2009). I got on the scale at the Y and was up one pound. For the first time in 27 months I was gaining weight. I knew it was about to get weird. And it did. OHHHHH how weird it got!

I started "The Crack of Sean" (maybe the name names more sense now) the same day. In the 60 months since just about everything I thought I knew has changed. Marriage, G-d (you will see, if you read, that I was just sort of an agnostic bore during the "My Journey" phase), parenting, love, work, the balance of, friendship, etc.

Curiously I was a near-daily blogger on "My Journey" by sheer default. I was very UNFAITHFUL in the first three years of "Crack of Sean" (I think there are about 30 total posts in that three year gap) and then my friend Walker asked, innocently, in November of 2012 why I don't blog more often. I've been about five posts/week (other than this last summer when I intentionally rested) ever since.

I do it now, frankly, for therapy (and I've got some great couch sessions in draft form I'll probably never hit "publish" on).

So now - here I am - seven years older and seven years wiser. 1,187 posts shared at a rate of about .44 posts/day for the entire time (that is just between one every two and three days if you're not yet on-board the Numbers-Are-Fun Train). The worst part? These posts have been viewed 93,850 times. That is 35x/day on average. That's more than one person per hour for the last seven years reading or looking at the crap that flows out of my head.

MIND BLOWING. I don't think I'm an influencer or someone of even note. I have to presume some of the people that read my blog are just waiting for the eventual and perhaps inevitable "This isn't Sean - Sean is dead from a rage-fueled aneurysm. Send donations to help his kid get through college to the address below." post.

In the meantime, dear readers, I appreciate you joining me for this journey (these journeys?) and for the patience along the way. For better or worse I sense another whole pivot and version of me is brewing. Maybe this one will get its own blog. Maybe this one will just sort of flow under the flag of Crack Of . . .

Either way - I'll keep you posted at least once every 1.5ish days.