More Wishes and More Thanks . . .

Two years ago, I posted THIS. Earlier today my daughter and I (now on our third Thanksgiving in a row so it is officially a tradition) went to Denny's for breakfast and then went down by near the river to throw pennies in the water fountain.

Last year we just threw pennies and made wishes. I remembered Ava's decision (the year before) to not throw all of our change (read the post linked above for "why not") but she did not - in 2013 - choose to do it again. We threw all of our change and then she went back to the car to get more.

This year, to my great delight, we had a very different set of wishes and tosses. I took the coins this time. Grabbed a very specific money.

We divided the money (she took just five coins and I took five) and we walked to her favorite spot and started tossing.

Her first coin was for her (in her defense - my first coin was for ME, too).

Her second opining was for me (my second coin for her).

The third penny tossed was for her mother (I chose to spend my third cent on a different woman).

The fourth penny was for Special Lady Friend and her mother's new Gentleman Caller (which is the creepiest thing I can think to call a man - who I really, truly like - that my ex-wife seems very content with). My fourth penny was for my ex-wife and her general happiness.

The fifth and final currency cast in to the cold water by the kid was for her "entire" family. My fifth penny was for world peace. I kid. It was for porn. I kid. It was for peace in the Middle East. I kid. It was for Mario Kart for Nintendo Wii. I kid. It was for a world that stops making sequels, prequels and reboots to every crap movie ever made. I kid. It was for at least five more Fast & Furious movies. I kid. It was for porn (again). I kid.

My fifth penny was, all kidding aside, that I continue to grow and develop and that the trend I am currently on (where things are going in the right direction and things are going well and looking up and all that stuff) continues and that I can stick with my running and dieting and that - a year from now - I'm a truly more content and present than today, a year ago, and CERTAINLY two years ago.

One last thing . . . as we walked toward the car I reached back in to my office, pulled out two more pennies, and asked "What should we do with THESE?" Kiddo took the pennies, walked to the edge of the pond and simply set them down.

She didn't say a word. She didn't need to explain. I knew why.