There Is a Line That Should Not Be Crossed . . .

While you and I (presumably) slept in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, two Palestinian cousins stormed in to a synagogue (fun fact - the words synagogue and temple are essentially interchangeable . . . Reform Jews typically call the houses of worship Temples in reverence to, well, The Temple. Other forms of Judaism calls them synagogues because, well, this is what being a Jew is about - differences) in East Jerusalem - deep in the womb of Israel and killed four rabbis. They had a gun and some meat cleavers. Yes. Meat. Cleavers.

This is almost too much for my tiny, unpowerful brain to really process. Forget that I am a Jew. NOT relevant. It really is not. Let's look at this in the absurdly abstract.

Do you remember the late 1980s? If not - get out of here, kid! Okay . . . let me prompt you. Domino's Pizza (the least likely delivery choice for my pizza loving pie hole) had this mascot called the "noid". He was a BIG deal. (Comic) Books, video games, clothes, commercials, etc. The noid (which you were told to avoid) campaign was about Domino's being able to deliver great pizza, in good shape, in great time. At about the same time (it might have been the early 90s) Little Caesars (the second-least likely delivery choice for just about anyone's pie hole (but for an impulse buy the "hot and ready" is just fine)) launched its cartoon "Caesar" who would just grunt "pizza-pizza" all the time. He was fun. Probably had some offshoot products (the late-80s and early-90s were some HEADY consumer times). Okay. Got the background? Good.

So let's just presume that the Noid has beef (or a beef-like substitute) with the Pizza-Pizza Caesar. They don't agree. The don't like each other. There are different philosophies on great pizza and how it is defined. Both chains have a franchise in the same strip mall. Their phone numbers, while custom, are not that different. Their product and price point are commodity-like. It all comes down to who can grab the most business from passers-by and callers (this is pre-cell phone and Internet. People had to actually CALL a pizza place and talk to someone (it was HORRIBLE to say the least)). Then you have to retain the business.

You can get crazy. Direct mail. Fridge magnets. Trinkets. You can send people to stand at the roadside with signs and costumes. You can call back your customers and thank them, etc. The franchisees can go kuhhhhraaaayzzzzze! And pizza franchise owners do.

The traditional tactics not working? Fine. Destroy the signs of the other guy. Do door-to-door blanketing. You can flatten the tires of the delivery boy. You can cut phone lines. You can call the other place and hold their lines full so no one can get through.

And the weirdest part? It is sort of accepted. It is part of the "game". Too few suburbs. Too many pizza places. There can be only one. And ALL that would be acceptable for most people (shenanigans being what they are) but you know what would NOT stand?

If Noid walked his rabbit-eared ass in to the Little Caesars and killed people. The customers. The kid working the phones. The franchisee working the ovens. NO ONE would stand for that. NO ONE would say "Hey. People are passionate about their pizza. I get that." NO ONE would say "Long, long tensions have to boil over somewhere." And maybe they do but NOT in the kitchen. NOT where the goods are made. NOT where the secrets are kept and the business is done and the hope is leavened.

That's what happened in Israel yesterday morning. Two people violated the house of G-d (any G-d . . . if the opposite happened I am equally outraged and the killing of George Tiller in a church here in Wichita a few years ago - while both killer and victim were Christians - equally horrified me (more than "just" a murder might)).

There is just something sacred about a house of G-d. I know atheists who will openly talk sh*t about any faith or religion but if you put them in a place or worship . . . crickets. As it should be.

I'm not justifying murder. Ever. But I'm certainly, certainly, CERTAINLY not going to ever understand the idea of killing people while they are in prayer or in the peace and solitude of a sanctuary.