In Run Again . . .

You know how "they" say you never forget how to ride a bike? You can TOTALLY forget how to run. Something I was doing +20 miles per week just a year ago is sorta killing me now.

It is my own fault. It is NOT about time. I sleep plenty. I stream movies and TV shows. I read. I sit around and talk. I work extra hours. I have the time . . . I just sorta got lazy and then I got comfortable and then I started being lazy and comfortable and that lead to weight gain and general physical ploomphery (that is not a real word) but I'm back at. I'm hoping to get over ten miles per week in the next few weeks and be to fifteen or so by the start of the New Year (not that far away - lest you mock).

I'm only telling you this because, well, "they" also say that if you make a commitment publicly you're more likely to keep that promise.

Have good weekends, y'uns.