Deli Day . . .

I love being Jewish and I love food. In a world where A + B = C that MUST mean I love Jewish food.

And. I. Do.

If I'm being honest one of my earliest memories of what it was "like" to be a Jew is a loaf of challah and some room temperature matzo ball soup that my college roommate's parents had brought from the Boston suburbs ahead of the HHDs (High Holy Days) in the fall of 1995. I was still an active Catholic but I was already struggling with that church and . . . well . . . they had really, really delicious food over "there" to distract me.

I'm being slightly flippant but there is a point . . . you TOO can get a taste of great Jewish food this weekend right here in Wichita.

My congregation is having its annual "Deli Day" at temple on Sunday, November 9th from 11 AM - 6 PM (while supplies last - full disclosure, the food was gone by about 2 PM last year) and you are cordially invited.

Imagine corned beef or brisket sandwiches, matzo ball soup bowls deep enough to drown what ails you, matzo toffee so rich it need not rise, hamantaschen so triangular and sweet you want to kiss the person next to you ... If only you knew them. I could go on ... But why?

Join us. Get $15 out of your kid's piggy bank (or borrow it from a friend) and come dine-in or carry-out. We will be serving up the goodness as early as 11 AM CT on Sunday, November 9th and we will keep dishing the Jewey goodness until the last "oy vey" is uttered (or 6 PM, whatever comes sooner).

The address for temple is 7011 E. Central, Wichita, KS (between Woodlawn and Rock on the south side of Central).

If you are hesitant about this turning in to some sort of time share/eternity pitch - take heart - unlike my roommate's parents bribing me with their delicious noshings (turn about is fair play, we took their son to Sunday Mass and Christmas Eve services) this is a completely secular event. It is all about the delicious food and sharing the culture and good times - no G-d talk.