Suits . . .

One of the many reasons you can tell that I'm, at heart, an 80-year-old man is that I love USA Network's shows and programming. Pretty much all of it. Yes. Pretty much ALL of it. Burn Notice? Loved it. Monk? One of the greatest things ever. Wings (which started on NBC but I watched it on USA)? Damned right. Psych? THE greatest thing ever. Silk Stalkings (yeah - I just went back 15 - 23 years on ya')? Giggidy.

So WHY was I so surprised (if that is the word) to fall in love with SUITS when I finally started watching it this summer on Amazon Prime? I should not have been.

It has all the hallmarks of a great USA show. Buddies, dysfunctional families, mild ethnic diversity (not true diversity - be serious (I kid, I kid)), suspense, product tie-ins, etc. This one should have been a natural fit for me and it was.

For those who have not YET enjoyed . . . Mike Ross is a genius with a photo-perfect memory. He made some bad decisions in college (best friends will do that to you) and has been slumming his way through life taking the GRE and other placement tests (including the New York State Bar) for pay. His grandmother raised him (his parents were killed when he was a kid) but her health is in decline and he needed money for a better nursing home. So Mike decides to commit a crime . . . but he has a change of heart that put him smack dab in front of New York City's best "closer" lawyer - Harvey Specter. He impresses Specter, gets a job (at NYC's most powerful law firm otherwise filled exclusively with Harvard Law alumns) and that is when stuff gets weird. Not only because Mike Ross, Esquire commits fraud and other crimes every time he touches case work but - in the tradition of every legal drama or comedy ever - because the firm has every personality stereotype in the world (my personal favorite is Louis Litt (played wonderfully by Rick Hoffman) who is at once contemptible and adorable . . . and Jewish (that earns points). There is romance. War. Secrets. Lies. Jokes ("You got LITT up!"? Hilarious!) and no shortage of legal drama. Of course, as the show goes on more and more and more people are let in on the secrets and lies of Mike Ross and Harvey Specter (and all threaten action only to be pulled back in by their own secrets, lies, and misdoings).

PLEASE don't tell me what is happening with the current season. I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting its completion (do you think they will give us the summer episodes now or make us wait for the FULL season to end this winter?) so it can move over to Amazon Prime and I can binge watch it - like I do these days.

SUITS. Check it out. Be happy with it - especially if you, like me, are secretly 80-years-old.