Pledge KMUW and DonaSEAN 2014 . . .

I make no bones about or apologies for my love of KUW (Wichita's public radio/your connection to the world). I can honestly say KMUW is a part of my life and my daughter's life. It educates and entertains us and occasionally starts conversations between father and eight-year-old that probably need to be had. The station and its wonderful people and programming do a lot for me.

Part of my small, small way of giving back (I am not a rich man despite my collection of penny loafers, my bowing bookshelves, and my tendency to "make it rain" at the local Jimmy John's) is beating the proverbial drum for the station twice a year during their pledge drives with a little something I call Seandraising and/or DonaSEAN (depending on the season). 

I basically harass my friends and family - who may or may not give or listen or like or even be aware of KMUW - to give to the station in exchange for me embarrassing myself publicly. Does it work? You betcha, Sarah Palin. Last spring nearly 1.5% of the total raised . . . over $4,600 (NOT including matching money) was added to the total earned by the station. 

Here is what is what is on the line this drive . . . 

$1,500 - If we can't get to this total, I'll never try to do this again. 

$1,750 - I will stop trashing social media (while returning to regular use of it at the same time) for the next six months. Heck - we can even be Facebook "friends" again (yeah - I probably unfriended you a few months ago . . . awkward.)

$1,760 - NOW we're cooking with gas. Alas the station is at 99.9% of goal and will wrap up in the AM. There is still time to do your worst!

$2,000 - I will once again stop publicly talking about my two favorite things in the world for another six months (for the record - it has now been years and years since I last did this). Hashtag: Growing Up Is Hard To Do

$2,250 - Anyone who gives $100 or more of the first $2,250 raised will be a guest on one of the first episodes of the podcast that Walker Schwartz and I WILL start (and do regularly) in 2015. Even if you don't want to be . . . seriously, we're going to need people. 

$2,500 - Anyone who gives in the first $2,500 will be invited to join us at Sugar Sisters and I'll buy the first round of baked goods for everyone that shows up and, you know, wants something to nosh on. And you're welcome to want something from there. Seriously. 

$2,750 - You can run with myself and JSzam (presuming she wants to do it) at the Santa Shuffle on Saturday, December 13th. No. I am NOT wearing the hat, beard (I don't do costumes), or t-shirt (no serious runner wears the shirt for the event to the event (unless it is from a previous year)). 

$3,000 - I'll sit through an entire Sunday of NFL games with anyone that gives $100 or more (presuming we get to at least $3,000) and not throw a single fit the entire day. I'll even buy snacks. We're going to need snacks to fill my pie hold if I can't use it to trash the NFL and all those who enable them by watching their product. 

$3,250 - Any person who gives at least $50 in the first $3,250 earned will be able to nominate a single woman in Wichita, Kansas City, or in the middle to go on a date with Nathan J. Carr and I'll make him show up and pick up the tab (up to $100, hourly motel room not included). Why is this a punishment for me? He hasn't exactly agreed to do this . . . or even been asked. 

$3,500 - Anyone that gives $100 or more of the first $3,000 earned will be invited to a pizza party at Ziggy's (Wichita's best pizza, by a mile) and I'll pick up the check (within reason - how much cheesy garlic bread do you need before the pizza even arrives?). 

$3,750 - Whomever gives the 3,750th dollar will get full reign over my Twitter and Facebook accounts for 96 hours. Not a big deal? The winners in the spring got me in trouble with no less than four people in the same amount of time last spring. 

$4,000 - Give $100 or more of the first $4,000 earned and you can write a post for this here blog about anything you like and it will be run - with a disclaimer at the top - unedited. You can take any position you like on any issue you like.

$4,250 - Give $250 or more of the first $4,250 (limit four winners for this prize) and I'll bake you no less than THREE family-sized Jewish desserts for your Thanksgiving meal. I'm actually a descent cook/baker (if no one is watching) and NO ONE does sweet carbs better than us. Believe that!

$4,500 - I am running the Prairie Fire (Half) Marathon in May, 2015 and will do it in under three hours (that is already established) but if we hit this amount, anyone that gives to DonaSEAN 2014 can contribute to my race day shirt (think of it like a NASCAR vehicle, only bigger, with better logos, and without the risk of vehicular homicide to make it undesirable). 

$4,750 - If you give at least $1,000 of the first $4,750 will get a neck nuzzle from Megan Lovely. I don't know what that means either and I don't know where my punishment comes in to play but . . . she has volunteered and seems to think the price is fair and it will change the recipient's life and I believe in her

$5,000 - If we hit this amount I WILL have a party and people WILL be invited and it WILL be awesome. I promise. Seriously this time. For real. 

Seem like a good time? I agree. ALL you have to do is give (to clarify I give just enough, each drive, to get my free TEA mug so don't think you have to max out your credit cards to get my respect). You can do so through:

By Phone - 6 AM - 6 PM Thursday, 10/24 - Saturday, 11/1
By Mail -  Attn: Pledge Drive, KMUW, 3317 E. 17th St. N., Wichita, KS 67208
By Foot, Car, Bicycle, Teleportation - (address and hours above)

. . . and then let me know you gave. You can Tweet "at" me (@SeanCAmore) with the hashtag "#DonaSEAN" or you can DM me through Twitter. You can message me through Facebook. You can e-mail me (my Twitter handle with (at) G Mail dot com after) or you can text or call my mobile telephone . . . No. I'm not going to post my phone number here but it is not hard to find it. Just let me know how much you GAVE (vs. pledged to give) and I'll add it to the totals. 

Now let me get in front of something here . . . I was NOT very good about honoring my obligations from the spring drive. While I DID fulfill a good chunk of the stuff and there were other things people had to do to get it started (ask questions, etc.), I fell short on being the mensch the offer might imply. For that I am sorry and I will be making amends post haste. PLEASE, I implore you, do NOT punish a valued local institution for my own laziness and generally anti-social behavior this last summer.

Let's make this our most successful drive yet! The station and the overall value the community receives from it NEED you.