Relationship . . .

This is us on our first date. I'm kidding. My chest is way hairier than his.
A little over a year ago I introduced the faithful readership to a very special being in my life. A little ray of sunshine that gets behind the clouds and helps the clover grow. That piece of my heart is, of course, Gus.

Did you miss that announcement? Good. Because it doesn't matter that I have a guinea pig.

More over, as I have discussed many times I don't ever intend to really discuss my relationships in this forum - especially the good, positive, and healthy ones. That is not what this soap box is for (doom, gloom, and hair-brained opinions that go boom ONLY).

That being said, I should acknowledge here that I am in a relationship. With online porn. No. I'm kidding (I'm not kidding but let's pretend I am out of respect for this little lady).

That's right. I have a special lady friend (which is the relationship pet name equivalent to that lady on Law & Order SVU handing the kid a doll and asking them to tell her where the bad man touched them).

I shall say no more about it out respect for her, me, you, and all the ladies who just tore up their fantasy team line ups (they were starting me as their "next future ex-husband") in anger. Or something like that . . .