Be Back Soon . . .

Yes! I have broken my summer social media fast and returned to Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.  I will have a full debrief on the experience and the pros and cons soon.

I did, for those who may have noticed, some purging of all three "communities" and I feel okay about what remains (Facebook will continue to slow down, Twitter will stay at occasional bursts, Google+ will be my focus and passion because it is so peaceful and wonderful).

This here blog (my beloved soap box in the middle of an empty room) is the last thing remaining by way of my (personal) digital "efforts". I am holding off for strategic reasons (blogging takes more time and energy than all the rest).

But, for those who have asked and/or are wondering I AM coming back to blogging. Posts will resume on Monday, September 22nd and I have a renewed energy for it.

Fret not. I drafted posts all summer long on topics big (Ferguson) and small (I saw a great movie a few weeks ago), important (Israel/Palestine) and trivial (I am going to buy a kayak), funny (you be the judge) and sad (not really), smart (I am binge (re)watching The Wire) and dumb (and The League).

Long story long - we'll get caught up and I hope the wait will be worth it. As Anne Hathaway once explained . . .

Hope everyone is well.