See You In the Fall . . .

I have made a decision (as I'm loathe to do). I'm going to suspend ALL of my social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, this blog, Ravelry, Good Reads, etc. - I will keep up with LinkedIn) until the official arrival of autumn on Tuesday, September 23, 2014.


Simple . . . my digital life has officially taken over my real life. I'm not being factitious or even blowing things out of proportion (like that time in middle school that I told someone I owned 1,000,000 Jolly Ranchers and swore on the health of my mother that it was true - super sorry, Mom).

I wake up each morning, grab my smart phone, check the world's overnight happenings and with "good reason" You see - the LAST thing I do each night (appropriate to share here - my mother might read this) is check the world's happenings. And by "check the world's happenings" I mean scroll up and down on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to see what a few hundred people and brands are up to on a personal level. I'm mortified to admit this but not too much so because - statistically speaking - YOU do it too. That's sad, right?

More important to how much my digital life has taken over my real life to my daily routine is how many times per day I check all these feeds and networks. If I said 50x/day I would NOT be lying (seriously - HUGE collection of Jolly Ranchers).

So I've taken a look at the status of things . . .
  • I'm behind on my Hebrew
  • I'm fat and lazy again. Again.
  • I'm only 11 books in to my pledge to read 26 books this year
  • My daughter is used to waiting for me to finish on the computer when she needs stuff in the early AM so I'm not the best parent I can be
  • I am not honoring my promise to call people who live far away at least 1x/week
  • I am not enjoying the time and the energy I put in to social media
  • I have a few relationships in my life that deserve a lot more nurturing and attention because they currently make me happier than social media might and - with focus - they could be wonderful life changers

Here is my hope . . . I take the summer off and reinvest myself in to real things and real people and real stuff and by the time the leaves flutter from the trees I'll have forgotten how important all this crap has seemed to me and I don't resume with anywhere near the volume and intensity the last SEVEN YEARS has seen from me.

Those 1,000,000 Jolly Ranchers aren't going to collect themselves (and the good news is that I don't eat modified sugar and decided a few years after middle school that they are gross anyway so just collecting them is way, way more likely now than it was then).

It is just 109 days until fall, people. You're going to make it. I'm going to make it. WE are going to make it.