KMUW Make-Goods . . .

This is me making a kissy face at a picture of Fletcher menacing toward a photo of me where in I am holding a photo of Zack who is non-plussed and sitting in front of a photo of me. 

Soooooo, I've been lazy in cleaning up my commitments to participants in spring's KMUW pledge drive so - this is the time and place where I shall start to remedy that.

For those unfamiliar, I do a little thing every six months where I try to help support my beloved Wichita public radio and harass friends, family, colleagues, and - in some cases - total strangers in to giving to the station. And. It. Works. How much so? $4,600 this drive . . . NOT counting matching dollars.

So what is left to be done . . .

$1,500 - We made it.
$1,750 - No boob talk for six months. Got it/hate it. (Hashtag: Yes All Women)
$2,000 - A post on Megan Lovely will populate itself later this week.
$2,250 - Blog posts are welcome from six of you. I'll e-mail YOU if you made the amount.
$2,500 - If you gave more than $25 (and THIRTY TWO of you did) send me your burning questions - SeanCAmore - at - G m a il dot com.
$2,750 - Walker came east and it. was. glorious to see him a few times.
$3,000 - Color Me Mine party will happen in July (not sure how I'll notify everyone but we'll figure it out)
$3,250 - My self nudes are gone. You're welcome. (Hashtag: Not All Men)
$3,500 - Let's talk shop, Jennifer. (I'll send her a note.)
$3,750 - Party. My place. Fall. (I can't invite this many people to be inside my small house and it is too hot to do it in the lawn this summer.)
$4,000 - I am already kayak shopping. This one I'm actually excited about.
$4,250 - Bailey and Walker are already running my Twitter account. I am vowing not to even look but I did get a text yesterday asking me "what is up with that last Tweet" so I know they are doing me PROUD!
$4,500 - I screwed this one up. I got too worried about tradition and superstition. My bad. I'm a liar.

So - yeah - get me your questions and your blog posts. I'll keep training for the 5K and social invites will come as appropriate.

ONE NOTE - This drive's campaign was not without "scandal" . . . I don't know if the station staff would want me telling you this but my open hatred for Garrison "Poetry Could/Should/Probably Would Suck It" Keillor (I don't hate Prairie Home Companion as MUCH as I hate his four minutes of menacing "art" each morning at 7:35 AM CT) cost the station a long-time donor. I would like to think I made up for it by prompting lovers of all things non-rhyming-or-sensical to give to shut me up but it was a rare, humbling moment that reminded me people do listen to an open microphone and not all opinions match mine.

That being said - I still logged well over 20 hours of studio time this drive and I loved every minute of it!

THANK YOU ALL for the support and patience!