Ha. This Guy . . .

I'm going through some old videos made here at Mystery Brand Inc. and stumbled upon this gem featuring a reader of this-here-blog.

"I like to be left alone. I like to go to Target. I like to be left alone, mainly."

A man after my own heart.


See You In the Fall . . .

I have made a decision (as I'm loathe to do). I'm going to suspend ALL of my social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, this blog, Ravelry, Good Reads, etc. - I will keep up with LinkedIn) until the official arrival of autumn on Tuesday, September 23, 2014.


Simple . . . my digital life has officially taken over my real life. I'm not being factitious or even blowing things out of proportion (like that time in middle school that I told someone I owned 1,000,000 Jolly Ranchers and swore on the health of my mother that it was true - super sorry, Mom).

I wake up each morning, grab my smart phone, check the world's overnight happenings and with "good reason" You see - the LAST thing I do each night (appropriate to share here - my mother might read this) is check the world's happenings. And by "check the world's happenings" I mean scroll up and down on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to see what a few hundred people and brands are up to on a personal level. I'm mortified to admit this but not too much so because - statistically speaking - YOU do it too. That's sad, right?

More important to how much my digital life has taken over my real life to my daily routine is how many times per day I check all these feeds and networks. If I said 50x/day I would NOT be lying (seriously - HUGE collection of Jolly Ranchers).

So I've taken a look at the status of things . . .
  • I'm behind on my Hebrew
  • I'm fat and lazy again. Again.
  • I'm only 11 books in to my pledge to read 26 books this year
  • My daughter is used to waiting for me to finish on the computer when she needs stuff in the early AM so I'm not the best parent I can be
  • I am not honoring my promise to call people who live far away at least 1x/week
  • I am not enjoying the time and the energy I put in to social media
  • I have a few relationships in my life that deserve a lot more nurturing and attention because they currently make me happier than social media might and - with focus - they could be wonderful life changers

Here is my hope . . . I take the summer off and reinvest myself in to real things and real people and real stuff and by the time the leaves flutter from the trees I'll have forgotten how important all this crap has seemed to me and I don't resume with anywhere near the volume and intensity the last SEVEN YEARS has seen from me.

Those 1,000,000 Jolly Ranchers aren't going to collect themselves (and the good news is that I don't eat modified sugar and decided a few years after middle school that they are gross anyway so just collecting them is way, way more likely now than it was then).

It is just 109 days until fall, people. You're going to make it. I'm going to make it. WE are going to make it.


Megan Lovely . . .

I promised to tell the world how I really felt about Megan Lovely if people gave enough money to KMUW - on that note:

Typically speaking - people fall in to two camps with me . . . people I think highly of and people I don't think anything "of".

As I've gotten older and deeper in to my career and now that I'm a parent I don't have the luxury of just dismissing people the way I once (incorrectly) thought I could. In hindsight - it was never appropriate for me to think or act that way.

What does this have to do with Megan Lovely? Everything.

I talk a LOT of crap about Megan. Some of it is fair and honest and warranted. Examples . . . She still has her baby teeth. She's got a horrible shock of red hair that looks coarse and unmanageable. She seems to be unlovable in almost every way. Now - also being fair - If teeth, hair, and lovability (not a word) made us who we were . . . I'd be screwed. I have very soft teeth that will eventually be replaced with dentures (thanks, gene pool), I'm balding at a horrifying pace, and I'm probably the least lovable person on the planet who was not a sociopath, dictator, actual criminal, or hybrid of the above.

You know what else is honest and fair about Megan Lovely? She's brilliant. I don't mean that in some toss-around, casual way that you described smart people in your social or professional circle . . . I mean that in a genuine and true way. I would not want to know her actual IQ score (the jealousy would misdirect itself in ways that might include pushing her down on the playground) but I'll bet it is high. Very high. She's not "in your face" about her general grasp of the world around her (unless you challenge her first) but it is there and present from her perfect grammar to her vocabulary to her ability to just talk about "stuff".

I met Megan when she was 18 years old. A freshman in college and as unworldly as they come (fun fact - she won't drive on highways . . . still). She was able to - in a matter of seconds - go from sharing socio-insights in consumer behavior to describing colleagues in terms of forest creatures they most resembled with ease. Megan sat with and held her own with myself and a colleague we often referred to as the fourth Kennedy brother because of his ability to say horrible, sub-human things and yet somehow skate by as charming and stately (his "brother" Teddy drowned his girlfriend and went back to work Monday morning . . . to close the analogy). She uses the English language as a toy (the woman can not write a press release lead to save her life but she's otherwise a wordsmith in the truest sense of the word).

I should note here that Megan has not had an "easy" or "charmed" life (I mentioned she is a ginger, right?) but you would never really hear her complain. She dealt with losing her father to a long, arduous terminal bout with that f*cking whore we call "cancer" a year or so ago. It didn't really overtake her life while she dealt with it - just context. She doesn't seem the type to burden you with her woes.

It is also worth noting that Megan has superb character. She has a sense of duty and obligation to things and people that make no sense (that is a horrible non sequitur . . . her father was an amazing man by any and all counts) but that simultaneously weigh on and drive her.

She works harder than just about any member of her generation (and probably harder than some members of the Greatest Generation (outworking the average millennial is hardly a ringing endorsement)) and she's going to eventually be fantastic in whatever throne or thrones she chooses to sit during her This Is Me years.

In sharp contrast to how the world perceives me . . . I don't know anyone that doesn't like Megan Lovely. I know many people that love her from all over the "love" scale (ranging from drunken hug and shouts of "I love you, man" at the bar through the "If you ever need ANYTHING - including flesh, blood, organs, or last dimes - you call me.") but Megan is too smart to actually allow ANY of them to truly love her (she's still got plenty of time for that crap once she chooses a perch).

The only things I don't like about Megan are her stupid dog and that - after giving me a chance to work with her a second time - she took another job and left me just a few months in to our second era.

Beyond that - she's truly one of my favorite people in not only Wichita but the entire world for many, many reasons . . . not the least of which is that she has rough edges and defense mechanisms that remind me a little of mid-20s myself (including the "love" and "pound sand" buckets for people).

I mentioned earlier that I outgrew my dismissive phase and I'd like to say that I've blossomed a little bit - I am in that part of my professional life where I can start giving advice and "mentoring" (as much as a loose cannon and self-sabotaging professional can . . . do as I say, not as I DO being the normal advice to all young pros) and I am in that phase of my personal life where I only have quality people that I really enjoy taking up time and space.

I've outgrown many things in life that had to be left behind. I'm better for it. I've seen Megan do the same in many ways but there are is ONE thing I hope she never loses . . . her willingness to suffer me.


Spring 2014 Playlist . . .

I don't love many things in this world (I'm a true and real curmudgeon - this is not just an act) but one huge and notable exception is music.

I listen to all sort and varietal of song and I rarely truly "hate" it (as I get older more and more pop music bugs me and I'll never "get" heavy metal/hard rock, most forms of electronica (dub step . . . y'uns?), etc.) but I will say that picking a different song every day to listen to makes me vaguely happy.

The 91 songs that I chose as Song of the Day for Spring 2014.

What? You don't use Google Play Music All Access? Sorry, bruh - can't help ya!


KMUW Make-Goods . . .

This is me making a kissy face at a picture of Fletcher menacing toward a photo of me where in I am holding a photo of Zack who is non-plussed and sitting in front of a photo of me. 

Soooooo, I've been lazy in cleaning up my commitments to participants in spring's KMUW pledge drive so - this is the time and place where I shall start to remedy that.

For those unfamiliar, I do a little thing every six months where I try to help support my beloved Wichita public radio and harass friends, family, colleagues, and - in some cases - total strangers in to giving to the station. And. It. Works. How much so? $4,600 this drive . . . NOT counting matching dollars.

So what is left to be done . . .

$1,500 - We made it.
$1,750 - No boob talk for six months. Got it/hate it. (Hashtag: Yes All Women)
$2,000 - A post on Megan Lovely will populate itself later this week.
$2,250 - Blog posts are welcome from six of you. I'll e-mail YOU if you made the amount.
$2,500 - If you gave more than $25 (and THIRTY TWO of you did) send me your burning questions - SeanCAmore - at - G m a il dot com.
$2,750 - Walker came east and it. was. glorious to see him a few times.
$3,000 - Color Me Mine party will happen in July (not sure how I'll notify everyone but we'll figure it out)
$3,250 - My self nudes are gone. You're welcome. (Hashtag: Not All Men)
$3,500 - Let's talk shop, Jennifer. (I'll send her a note.)
$3,750 - Party. My place. Fall. (I can't invite this many people to be inside my small house and it is too hot to do it in the lawn this summer.)
$4,000 - I am already kayak shopping. This one I'm actually excited about.
$4,250 - Bailey and Walker are already running my Twitter account. I am vowing not to even look but I did get a text yesterday asking me "what is up with that last Tweet" so I know they are doing me PROUD!
$4,500 - I screwed this one up. I got too worried about tradition and superstition. My bad. I'm a liar.

So - yeah - get me your questions and your blog posts. I'll keep training for the 5K and social invites will come as appropriate.

ONE NOTE - This drive's campaign was not without "scandal" . . . I don't know if the station staff would want me telling you this but my open hatred for Garrison "Poetry Could/Should/Probably Would Suck It" Keillor (I don't hate Prairie Home Companion as MUCH as I hate his four minutes of menacing "art" each morning at 7:35 AM CT) cost the station a long-time donor. I would like to think I made up for it by prompting lovers of all things non-rhyming-or-sensical to give to shut me up but it was a rare, humbling moment that reminded me people do listen to an open microphone and not all opinions match mine.

That being said - I still logged well over 20 hours of studio time this drive and I loved every minute of it!

THANK YOU ALL for the support and patience!


Anchor . . .

I had one of those really, really great therapy sessions last Wednesday (that is sarcasm . . . I don't share good news here, you know this dear reader(s)).

It turns out my trusted mental health professional (and "one phone call" if/when I am ever found wandering the streets mumbling about the bastardization of the Smurf brand I held so dearly as a child) feels I might have some baggage . . . she calls it an "anchor" from my marriage.

I know, I know. SHOCKING that I would - only about six months from the closure the final paperwork was supposed to bring me has not yet been fully resolved that I might enjoy good sailing, open water, and pirate booty adventure (I'm trying to make this nautical reference work).

I am probably being less than forth coming here so let me paraphrase what prompted Wednesday's conversation (aka the Great Sean Therapy Stand-Off of the Last Week of May 2014 (and not to be confused with the same event the week prior or what will likely be a great debate the first week of June, etc.)) was me SIGHING over the fact that I don't feel settled in many ways in my life.

Sure, sure. Just about everything in my life (save my parental status) has been flipped in the last 24 months. Yes, dear doctor, I get that change is hard (especially for me - I actually cried over throwing away a pair of penny loafers the other day), and I get that boat analogies are not my strong suit so I'll simply ask this . . . divorced people . . . when are you allowed to sigh or grumble without people immediately presuming your real issue is the failed marriage you drag along below the shiny, calm, sealine?


Sunday Funday . . .

Hilarious, real, and candid advice from a guy who is a success in many regards but still has a great sense of humor about himself.