Totes Jewish . . .

Well . . . nearly twenty years after I first wanted to start this journey and a good 15 years since I tried to get it started - by the time the sun formally sets tonight, I will be a Jew.

To say I am excited and to say today is a big, important, and special day for me is an understatement. I am prone to emotion, I like the dramatic, I enjoy the big and bold moments in life, and I love nothing more than people doing the things that make them happiest (so long as no one else gets hurt in the process).

So today is going to be a HUGE celebration. Actually - it is not. Just me, my Rabbi, my congregation, and a few friends who are going to graciously make time to share the evening with me. In reality today, for me, is very quiet and humbling. It is more about where I have been than where I am and it is anticipation of where I can go from here and how I can continue to grow.

Jewish kids who celebrate bar/bat mitzvah have very different pressures on them. The day is about family and big celebration and becoming an adult. My parents raised me Catholic so there was none of this . . .

. . . but - even without the video, celebrity cameos, bad rap lyrics, and post production I am still very excited about tonight and very much appreciate all the love and support my parents, family, friends, new congregation, the Wichita Jewish community, colleagues, and even strangers on the street have shown me.

I hope as I hold the Torah, speak the sacred, Hebrew words that will mark my entry, and partake in a celebratory oneg that I honor them and all they have done to help get me here and all they might do for me moving forward.

It's going to be a GUT Shabbos, kids. I feel blessed.