The Heaviest Pop Song of All Time . . .

My child and I have very, very different tastes in music. Save for Adele, Lorde, Ben Folds, the soundtracks to The Muppet movies, and the prayers at temple, and the things KMUW's Strange Currency puts in our earholes we don't typically synch up on what to listen to.

Those creepy like moppets that make up One Direction are no exception. While I have bothered to learn their names (she goes between which one is her favorite) I've never really bothered to embrace their warbles more than needed (I am not - to clarify - critical of her tastes and I will share 50% of music time with her).

A few days ago (this is a post that has been in the drafts folder for many months - forgive me) she was listening to their latest single "Story of My Life" and something odd happened - I found myself emotionally challenged by the song. NOT because it spoke to me (it did) but because I was not sure how in the heck it DID emotionally speak to the boys singing it or their audience.

For your consideration . . .

So - to clarify - this boy is in love with a woman who wakes up and says "I just don't feel the same way about you" so he's alone - as per always - and he's once again found in the void of an empty heart (it is not entirely clear if his love for her is unmatched or she wants his love - something he can not give. This is for t(w)eens? Got it.

More depth . . . "The story of my life - I take her home. I drive all night to keep her warm and time is frozen. I give her hope. I use up her love until she's broken inside." Wow. For t(w)eens? I think (?) I've got it. No. I don't.

While I'm not entirely sure what these lyrics means (my daughter thinks the girl is cold and wants to watch the sunrise and he doesn't have any money so he uses hers and eventually, once they are out of money, takes her home) I think it means this kid is an emotional parasite. I fear I'm right.

To make it worse the video for the song shows these kids and their (presumed) families. So are these boys saying they are emotionally vacant and unable to truly be present with their own families? Really? Nah. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO POP MUSIC?! What is happening to kids? When I was a teen I was listening to songs about kisses and girls and maybe sex. There was never anything about freezing time so I didn't have to awake to the harsh reality that I was emotionally empty (that came much, much later when I moved out of my family home (I kid - but only sorta)).

I am not sure if art is imitating life here or if life is being dragged out of control by art but I hope that this trend doesn't continue. I always thought pop music was supposed to touch on the real world but only in ways that showcased the opportunity of it . . . not the pitfalls.

Anywho - the kid is currently wading her way through the collected volumes of Queen, Stevie Wonder, Wham/George Michael, Mariah Carey (the old stuff), and Prince. Sure, sure - they all covered their share of heavy topics and issues but none of them ever full on bummed me out in less than 4:07.