Summer Movie 2014 Wish List . . .

I make no secret of my general distaste for the "state" of movies these days. Reboots, sequels, prequels, franchises, re-imaginations of, adaptations of, movies made from books that were only written so they might be movies, etc. etc. etc. NO time of year typically bums me out, film-wise, more than summer.

THIS summer? A different story. I'm excited for a LOT of things being released this year. The question is . . . will they make it to Wichita?

"A Long Way Down", "Wish I Was Here", and "This Is Where I Leave You" are the ones I am MOST excited about (two of which are - admittedly and to my hypocrisy - adaptations of books that I LOVE).

Get the popcorn, pour on the butter, and silence your damned phones . . .

"Citizen Koch" (June 6th (Not here in Wichita - I doubt it will make it here.))

"Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon: (June 6th)

"Tammy" (July 2nd)

"The Last Sentence" (June 20th)

"Begin Again" (June 27th)

"Life Itself" (July 4th)

"A Long Way Down" (July 11th)

"Wish I Was Here" (July 18th)

"A Most Wanted Man" (July 25th)

"If I Stay" (August 22nd)

"One Chance" (August 29th)

"This Is Where I Leave You" (September 12th)