Photo Back Up . . .

So I wanted to share with you how old, out of touch, and otherwise inept I am while trying to navigate the world around me - today in the context of digital photos.

I was, you might say, and "early adapter" in the world of digital photography. I got a digital camera in early-2000ish. It was a holiday gift from my then boss. It had the pixel/detail quality almost as good as a Minecraft tree and the storage was big enough for maybe 20 photos. And it. Was. Awesome. I felt like the king of the world. It was the camera used to take my first photo with Hillary Clinton. It, like that moment, was special.

Advance a few years and I got another one (slightly better - it took pictures on par with a Kodak disposable but without the winding mechanism to give it "pop"). A few more years - another one - this one would even take VIDEO (gasp).

By now I - and millions and millions of others around the world - have a camera within arm's reach at just about ALL times and I can store about a 1000 pictures on my camera with relative ease (I don't junk it up with a lot of apps). I use my phone's camera daily for all sort of crazy reasons (last night it was to take a picture of the fabric used to make the skirt of the woman in front of us at the ice cream shop (long story - I had her permission)).

The convenience is great but . . .  I am also a bit of a digital hoarder. I don't ever want to miss a shot of anything (I blame it on early parenting when we took 1,000 pictures of our daughter in the first six weeks of her life (that is a REAL number, folks)) so I have my phone, computers (work and home), and tablet set up to automatically back every photo I take (or save to the appointed folders of said devices) to BOTH Google Drive AND Dropbox the INSTANT I take them (WiFi required for tablet and computers).

This is great because I have accidentally deleted a photos from the devices AND from one back up service or the other and, again, g-d forbid I don't have all nine shots of my kid looking cute while sipping a mini-hot cocoa on a snowy day. Hashtag: No Filter

But there is a problem here, folks . . . it backs up EVERY photo so if you text or e-mail me a picture and I view it (and my phone and tablet saves all viewed photos and Google grabs all e-mailed photos by default so they all get backed up accordingly).

And this is all well and good until I have my laptop synced to a 65" HD television at work and a room full of colleagues and I open up my browser to demo something and my Google+ page is on the "top" tab and an image SORTA like the one above  . . . only instead of thumbnails of a few outfits I bought my daughter and the "Magic Tree House" poster she hung in her room it has images of a much more tawdry and illicit nature (both still appropriate for a bedroom) on display for those folks to see.

Then it is not well. It is not good. And I have to admit that I have a digital back up problem AND poor judgement of what photos I should send and receive with friends. AND a need to update my preferences for what gets saved, shared, and displayed.

I spent a few hours last night in Dropbox and my Google Drive folder. I deleted a few HUNDRED photos (and I am just scratching the surface) that I will never POSSIBLY need again (like a grocery list or selfies from ghosts of my past, etc.). I felt guilty getting rid of them (like the time I drove the three copies of The Bible that I had accumulated over the years to the Goodwill so they could be sold vs. put in the trash (I'm all Torah allllll the time now)) but it was the right thing to do.

How could I EVER explain to colleagues why I bought four boxes of CheezIts at once?!