May Day . . .

Older than Christianity, May Day is a traditional European holiday that marks the half way point of Spring.

When I was a kid my mother would have my brothers and I wrap some flowers in samples from a wallpaper book and then hang the flowers on the doorknobs of the two elderly women that lived in the houses next to our homes. I am still not entirely sure why and I refuse to Google it and find out . . . I like to let my mother keep a secret or two.

May Day, for me, has always had a certain happiness to it. I guess because the "April showers" have done their thing and the "May flowers" have sprung. It might be because this part of the world has greened again. It is at least a little bit attributal (not a word) to the fact that I have turned the heater off until the leaves fall (come what may (no pun intended)). Let's presume that (as a colleague once described it) skirt weather has returned (I'm not horribly manly but I am still, technically a dirty old man) doesn't hurt today's ranking in my mind. Finally - the fact that April (a month I never really love between tax day, and the gloomy weather that is not exactly UNCOMMON during the prior frame of the year) has ended is a happiness marker for me, too.

Long story very, very long . . . it is May Day. You're half way through Spring and summer (for you sick, sick people that love the heat and nastiness) is just about 45 days away. More importantly you are just 135 days (or so) away from Autumn . . . a season we can ALL get behind.

So get yourself to Home Depot. STEAL a few sheets of wallpaper from their awesome books of samples, stop by a florist and PAY for some flowers and make those old ladies on the block happy.