Happy Ideas . . .

Bouncing across a trampoline bridge over the river Seine in the shadows of the Eiffel Tower? While (obviously) in Paris? How fantastically fun does THAT sound?

Why are we all sitting anywhere in the world (regardless of comfort level of chair or spectacularity (not a word) of the view) right now vs. bouncing across this marvel of fun and function? Simple. The bridge doesn't exist. It was proposed (in 2012) as part of a contest to design the 38th bridge to cross the beautiful Seine within the Parisian city limits. It came in THIRD. 

Sure, sure, sure . . . this bridge is dangerous and impractical and silly but how great did your brain feel when you first saw that picture and you thought this was a real option for crossing a flowing body of water? How many random ideas popped in to your head . . . "This would be great for ____." or "Why didn't I think of this?" or "A similar, slightly-changed idea that would also be wonderful fun is __________."?

Happy ideas beget happy ideas and happiness spreads through your brain like few other things can.

MORE happy ideas should come to fruition. We should not stop thinking them, working to make them real, or being encouraged to make the world as fun as possible.

HAPPY Friday, people.