Be Your OWN Hero . . .

I never really "liked" Joe Rogan. He was, for me, the guy that made people eat random crap on his TV game show and/or the random character in the sitcom but I've become a fan over the last year or so.

I am not a fan because he and I agree on everything (we do not) or because we have so many things in common (we do not) or because he is so brilliant (he sorta is - and he can admit not knowing something or being wrong better than just about any other person I've ever known of) but because he is a guy that has gone out and made his own way, made a GREAT living from his passions, spent the time and energy to become an expert on the things he cares about, and he seems to want to help other people be happier and better.

If you can't be a fan of that . . . I can't help or be a "fan" of you.