Old, Rich, White Men . . .

I dislike everything about this man EXCEPT his awesome
potbelly and pink t-shirt. Those crack me up.
Wellllllll the world has had official confirmation that another cranky, old, white dude is a racist. Yes, yes. Cliven Bundy but ALSO Donald Sterling.

It should be a stunner to no one that some old, rich, white men are racists. I'm not saying they are ALLOWED to be or that we should ACCEPT it but we have to stop pretending like it is earth shattering that racism and hate and small mindedness are "alive" and "well" in the minds of cranky, old, rich dudes.

Also - let's stop giving the NBA credit for "addressing" this issue. It is WELL documented that Donald Sterling is and has been a racist for a long, long time. The league, his fellow owners, players, coaches, and avid fans of the business side of the game have known about this jergov for DECADES. They did NOTHING. Why? Because the league was making money and - like most hatred - it was something kept behind closed doors and only really echoed in the chambers of the game itself.

So what changed? Public knowledge. Some self-loathing whore (yes - that is the official term for a young, young woman of mixed ethnicity/heritage yet is still the girlfriend of an old, old married, racist man (you try to tell me those two really love(d) each other and I'll meet you on any street corner in America and fight you)) stole some of the audio she was recording for the "memoirs" of this monster in business-man's clothing (and if you have not listened to it - you totes should) and released them after what was (allegedly) a botched extortion attempt to get money from the fruit juice loving creep after their "romance" ended.

Was that enough? Nope. What made it something that required immediate action? Business.

The "image" of the league was getting destroyed. Analysts and pundits were raging. Current and former players were pointing fingers and sharing secrets. The media was pointing out the obvious challenges of a business (predominantly) owned by white men where (predominantly) black men do the work vs. talking about the sport itself. The PLAYOFFS have started, people. The league can't have this trouble during the TWO MONTH creep along to a champion.

More over there was BUSINESS cost. Advertisers were . . . gasp . . . pulling their money and dollars. Uh oh. "NOW we've got ourselves a problem" thought newly minted NBA boss Adam Silver.

SOOOOOO the league did something they would have been more than justified to do as long ago as 1993 (21 years to you and me) and banned Donald Sterling from the game for life. They WANT to force him to sell his team. They are going to fine him a WHOPPING $2.5MM (that whopping - as denoted by all caps - is sarcasm). They are essentially telling him "You give us the profits you make off less than one game of the 62 game regular season and you just sit home alllllllll day errrrrrryday and keep on collecting money off the efforts of your coach and players - themselves largely black - and enjoy your wife, mistress, and money . . . heck work on those memoirs the world is probably clamoring for. We're going to try to look like we know how to take action and we are going to go to court and waste money while you waste money but we're both going to make money the whole time."

Screw that. If I was sitting in my cube and saying racist crap (without assuring my audience I was joking) I would be fired. My livelihood would go away. My reputation would be tarnished. My pride would be hurt. An actual lesson might be learned.

The problem is that I'm old, white, and cranky . . . but not rich. I lack the key ingredient that allows me to sip fruit juice, have a mistress, and just brew and spew hate in my brain. Oh, oh, oh . . . that and I'm NOT at ALL a racist and I have NO hatred in my heart for anything but mistresses and fruit juice.