I'm Awkward Like That . . .

So I decided to play a little April Fool's Day joke on my Facebook "friends" yesterday. What did I go with? The (second) oldest prank in the books (the oldest, of course, being a false pregnancy) . . . the relationship. Yes. I said it. Yes. I realize that it is farce that I would chose social media (the bane of my existence (most days)) to announce to the world that I am in a loving, adult relationship. A) Because I would never actually "announce" such a thing and B) Because I would never do it over social media if I was going to do it. I would just sort of let people know when I saw them.

I'm not "better" than social media or the fact that we've become so lazy and/or self-absorbed that we actually believe Facebook is a good place to announce major life instances and that we think all of our "friends" care about them anyway . . . I'm just better than being a hypocrite about it . . . until I am not. Until I can make a joke out of it.

I'm not trying to imply that I got a piece of high-brow performance art that is deep, profound, and larger than canvas out of Facebook yesterday but I am saying that they should hang that sh*t in the Louvre. It was beautiful . . . until it wasn't.

Lessons learned . . .

  1. Women who may (not) have feelings for/interest in you or who might (not) want you to have feelings for/interest in them do NOT appreciate professions of love to another woman on Facebook.
  2. When you can get your father to buy off on your gag and "look him in the eye" and double down . . . your prank gets immediate validation/legs.

  1. People don't like to support and congratulate you on things that are not real - especially if you mock them for doing so.
  2. My parents really are great sports and amazing people. I am very blessed.
  3. I'm lucky to have people who care about me or if I am happy or not or if I am in a relationship or not and I should not make fun of or try to trick them.
  4. I am not smart enough to take the above two points and act accordingly.
Anywho - sorry for anyone that I hurt, scared, or - even worse - excited with my little prank. You'll know better next year . . . or will you?!