Career Path and Plan . . .

I have reached a point of professional maturity (fear not, my brain and personality are still 12 years old) in the recent past.

I don't know if it was the six long months of unemployment last year or being a father or being divorced or just being at a point where I am ready to go deep vs. wide on my focuses and pursuits but I really, truly don't have it in me to wonder what else is out there these days.

It is appropriate and (nearly) mandatory to point out that I am professionally HAPPY these days. I have a growing brand to market, a new CEO with a marketing background who has pledged to move the function forward, a boss that seems to just know how to "manage" me (and by that I mean not let me actually self destruct/implode/destroy us all), a team that is a good mix of passion, skills, and white board, and an office full of people that are somewhere between TRULY horrible at what they do and TRULY amazing at what they do. And we have an entire accounting DEPARTMENT (evil laugh) for me to aggravate.

So what is this post about? I saw something the other day that - a year or two ago - would have been my "dream job" . . . the right title, the right amount of power, the right mix of what I know and what I want to learn, the perfect storm of marketing, sales, networking, and integration AND it was in an educational setting.

A year ago I would have begged - BEGGED - them to hire me. This time . . . I sent the lead to a friend who is job hunting and moved on.

I still dream. I still want to get that perfect storm of opportunity and risk and reward. I still want to grow and achieve more. I just don't feel like I'm searching or wandering any more. I am much more content to cultivate what I have right in front of me and let that be the fertile soil from which to create a storm.