Weather Tweets . . .

I enjoyed the peace and quiet of being alone at and
not having to "share" the pool so LITTLE I had to
immediately "share" it with everyone I knew via
various social media platforms. Ugh. UGH.
There are two things I hate in this world . . .

1) Weather Tweets
2) 1,758,356 other things, to be named later

Why do I hate Weather Tweets? Because they are, singularly, all that is wrong with social media as a communication tool.

THINK ABOUT THE WEATHER TWEET . . . Someone sharing the atmospheric conditions in their immediate area with people who either share the same atmospheric condition or that are far enough away that said weather does not matter. Is that not the perfect analogy for how benign and undue so much of social media really is?

Is there ever a time where weather Tweets are important? Sure. The National Weather Service. FEMA or other agencies that might share news of impending or recent weather-related disasters. Local media outlets that people follow for whatever reason they find it important. And, uh, that is probably about it.

But every time I see a weather Tweet with their crafty hashtags and super important photos of the size of the hail at your place (You would NOT believe how big the hail is here . . . Yes. I would. My hail a mile away is the same size.) I have to dig way, way back in to my memory to the year 2007 when we didn't have Twitter.

HOW DID WE EVER KNOW what was happening outside? Oh. Yes. Windows. The Internet. Word-of-mouth. Media outlets. Our bum knees. Common Friggin' Sense. It was so, so long ago and yet - we survived. I was no more or less umbrella-ready when the big, wet drops started to drop.

I go even farther back in my memories. 1997. Internet, maybe. Radio and TV, sure. 1987, Radio and TV and MAYBE the friggin' cover of the NEWSPAPER (that was laid out 12 hours before it ever hit my front porch). No weather condition ever snuck up on me or made itself more known then vs. now.

It is weather, people. It is every day and boring. The world spins on. The flowers grow. The stems wilt. The leaves shrivel. The snow accumulates.

Stop with the weather Tweets. Seriously. Stop. I promise you the weather will not change with or without them so let's just refrain.